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Published on Oct 29, 2017


After the events narrated in the first volume, Lemire continues to transport us to a portion of the universe is even larger and even more dark. In these chapters, you will see a new character with orange hair: we are immediately aware of Andy, the little brother so much sought for by the Tim-21, became man and rottamatore, or the one that eliminates robots considered hazardous by the CGU. Very good pilot and is strongly angry with the robot, Andy discovers that another group of rottamatori is the research of the robot Tim-21, the Tim-21, to return absolutely to the t & cs and get a reward of thousands of credits.

Andy part to the excessive pursuit of Tim-21, while Quon, Telsa and Tim are on the ship Psius at the time of the Mechanical Moon, a planet exclusively populated by robots and not suitable for the survival of the “carbon” (human beings). While Quon and Telsa seek to win the confidence of the doubters robot Tim-21 formed a friendship almost fraternal Tim-22, another series of robots of bot children created by dr. Quon to keep company to their owners. Both come in almost immediately in tune, without hiding a bit of a strange distrust of one another.

In the meantime, on the planet Niyrata, the seat of the CGU, the aliens of the planet Silenos reveal a grim prophecy: Tim-21 will bring “life” to the Reapers, the giant robot destructors, and for this reason must be immediately captured. The situation slowly begins to escape the control, given the inability of the CGU to communicate with the captain Telsa, having been placed in quarantine by Psius with dr. Quon.

In the third volume of the Descender, and the title is “the Singularity”, the narrative is mainly composed of flashback. Lemire begins to explain in a linear path from the distant past up to more recent events of every single character. So let's find out what has made Tim-22 before becoming the beloved of Psius; how did Andy survive, where does his hatred for robots and who is the charming Effie, a new character that will join to the company; the tense relationship between Telsa and her father, the general Nagoki, and his ascent to the role of the captain; as he has spent the time, the small bot Bandit, until the awakening of Tim 21; which was the previous work of the Auger, the clumsy robot mining that hates humans.

It continues with the sci-fi series by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen, the development from the classic and linear. The graphic novel continues to be a narrative without surprises, with many twists “top” some of the cartoons before. The interlocking of the various moments of a narrative, however, proves to be effective: Lemire manages to keep relatively curiosity depending on the location of the events in the narrative cycle.

The theme of the reunion of the characters immersed in a long journey is a great selling point for the narratives long, those last volumes upon volumes. Slowly add fundamental characters that give color and body to the narrative; others, however, if they go, following different roads without ever leaving the main plot.

The narrative of the second volume is full of events, brushed by Nguyen on the tables rough. The combo writer/designer is able to make us forget ourselves in front of the robot, as humans can make them. At the same time, the magnificence of the backdrops, and the vastness of the unexplored universe is made perfectly by the combination of the watercolors, as well as the near absence in aseptic environments, such as how the Moon Mechanics, where everything is cold, mechanical, large, and closed at the same time. The third volume, however, move forward a little narratively speaking: the concentration of the past events allows the author to not exceed with the flashback in the later chapters, all done to the detriment of the progression of the story. In so doing, it has eliminated since the beginning, reasons of the behaviour of various characters: the captain Telsa has a relationship cold with the father? Because Andy has become a rottamatore? and so on.

Descender continues to be a comic book suitable for all readers ignorant of science fiction and that you want to bring to the genre of comics without any hesitation.

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