Dennis Fantina Friends 1 wins to " All Together Now: here is the new semi-finalists


Published on May 31, 2019


A little surprise in the third episode of All Together Now: the talent show (off game) with music led by Michelle Hunziker with the special participation of rapper J-Ax. Among the competitors of the episode of 30 may, we have seen perform also Dennis Fantina: the historic winner of the first edition of Friends of Maria De Filippi (who at the time was still called saranno famosi).

The 42-year-old origins of trieste and has performed with the song “All night long” by Lionel Richie. The exhibition has been registered a great response on the part of the 100 judges of the wall: his score was 91. The figure, however, is not enough: the contestant had to compete in a playoff. But, at the sidelines of his first show, the judges are curious about the life of Dennis Fantina...

The wall is now divided between defenders and opponents of Dennis Fantina to All Together Now. To take the word in the pre-performance was Mietta: “it Is one of the most good. You can stay here. I run the balls when someone is good, should not stay here...”.

In another corner of the wall, even Silvia Mezzanotte agrees with Mietta and adds a very important truth: at the time of Will be Famous singers from talent were not so esteemed and even el record companies snubbed each other at this phenomenon.

Among those opposed, there is also the vocal coach Genise, which – obviously – are not turned on in the phase: “of Course, it takes balls to come here and tell your story. And it is true that this could be for you is another train. However, I think that perhaps it is right that people who do this job is also how much heart we put, and may find other alternatives. I have dreamed of starting in san remo, I had a personal vicissitudes and I decided to work in the rear... Also to teach”.

Dennis Fantina replies claiming not to have titles to be able to teach singing. The discussion is interrupted by a play-off that Dennis claims against Francesca: a girl fond of the theme songs for japanese cartoons (in the studio was dressed in a Lovely Creamy). The former Friend of Mary has passed this playoff and is among the 15 semifinalists have already been selected.

With Dennis Fantina should be in the final also Manuel Colecchia, Letizia Chimenti and Tania Frison.

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