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Published on May 04, 2020


Demon Slayer (Japanese: 鬼滅の刃; Romaji: Kimetsu no yaiba Translation: “The sword of the ammazzademoni”) is a manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotōge published in the famous magazine of the group Shueisha Weekly Shōnen Jump since February 15, 2016, and is currently still in progress.

The great success of the manga led animation studio Ufotable to make an anime of which at the present time is available the first season, composed of a total of 26 episodes.


A peculiarity of this work is its basic structure: it is a shonen in the background demonic set in the period of japanese history called the Taisho (1912 – 1926) that recalls, more than most shonen fighting manga like Inuyasha (1996 – 2008) of Rumiko Takahashi, which was, however, set in the Era Sengoku (1467 – 1603).

Structurally, then, without going into the details, it is a journey undertaken initially by two characters that are via the other in search of a very powerful demon called in a manner so meagre, this description fits like a glove is for Inuyasha for Demon Slayer. But of course, this is only the base, the foundations of the narration of these two works, which differ from each other in a series of items, to which I wish to emphasize that Demon Slayer is not a copy of Inuyasha.


That said, Ufotable has done a really good job in adapting the original manga in a series of animation fresh, dynamic, and keeps alive the interest of the spectators. Worth a note also the localization in Italian language, thanks to a good adaptation of the dialogues and good voice acting.

Demon Slayer is based on no mouse classic manga demonic riarrangiandoli in a timely manner and the original: Tanjirō Kamado is only a little boy when one day, returning home, discovers that almost his entire family was exterminated and devoured by a Demon; only his sister Nezuko has been spared, but now is no longer a human being...

Nezuko is now a Demon, but there is something different, something peculiar in her: unlike his fellows, he manages to dominate the instinct that would drive to feast upon the meat and blood of human beings.

As a good older brother, Tanjiro could not abandon his little sister, or worse still let the kill: for this, he decides to undergo a training hard to become a Ammazzademoni and travel together to Nezuko looking for a way to be able to return to human.

In Demon Slayer, the Demons not only have powers faced different, but also the characteristics common to vampires: in fact, they fear the light of the Sun and feed on blood.

The Ammazzademoni are fighting with swords created from steel with a special that contains within it the full force of the Sun, and their are the only weapons in addition to our star can kill a Demon.

During his trip, and thanks to his sister Nezuko, however, Tanjiro will discover that the world is not just white or black: there are Demons capable of fighting against their instincts that seek to help humans, but also among themselves, who does not is not a simple war machine.

Once, even the Demons were human beings just like us, they retain a part of some fragmentary memories of their past life and still feel the feelings; and yet, these are elements to which no Ammazzademoni is the case. No one Tanjiro.

Tanjiro is a guy incredibly sensitive and good-hearted, and even in the moment of the death of a Demon proves to be kind and understanding with them, to the sad existence that they were forced to live. To pay homage to the generosity of the protagonist of this series and to demonstrate to viewers that his vision is true, just before a Demon dies is shown his previous life, to transformation, or at least what it reminds, along with some excerpts of his existence as a Demon.

The journey of Tanjiro and Nezuko will be full of difficulty, pain and death, but alongside them there will be two other young Ammazzademoni sui generis: Zenitsu Agatsuma, a little blond boy who lives in fear, but that becomes a swordsman skilled able to use the powers of lightning while asleep (a bit like Cavendish in One Piece) and Inosuke Hashibira, a guy who fights in a very instinctive with two swords and the face is covered by a true head of a wild boar.

Each Ammazzademoni is specialized in the use of a type of kata-specific and, in the case of Tanjiro, we speak of the kata of the Water; an interesting detail is the style with which they represented the waves that come from the blade of Tanjiro, who resumes the style of the classical art of japanese.


Demon Slayer is a shonen exciting since this first season started in which one episode leads to another; structurally simple and immediate, Demon Slayer is inserted in the vein demonic in the production of manga and anime, and is yet another product that wants to push viewers to consider their point of view as a partial, who praised the cooperation and understanding of the different, a novel of formation that shows the constant growth of its protagonists.

I remember, finally, that the whole of the first season of the Demon Slayer is already available in full and completely FREE of charge and legal to on the streaming platform online VVVVID both in the original language, japanese with subtitles in Italian dubbing in Italian.

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