Demi Moore: he was 56 years old and not afraid to show unveiled


Published on Sep 12, 2019


The life and career of a sex symbol of the immortal

Demi Moore never ceases to amaze. The actress and film producer, in the year of his 57, celebrates the age of maturity, serenity and wisdom, with a cover in the nude for Harper's Bazaar. The first glance at this cover, that radiates joy from every pore, gives it her own, on his newborn profile Instagram.

“I discover everything,” writes the woman, which is, in effect, decided not to hide anything, in all the senses. Both on a visual level, showing themselves in the nude, in profile, with only a large hat magenta colour, a bracelet, a precious and the long cascade of black hair on the back, both on a personal level.

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The interview, in fact, in addition to being a wonderful excuse to show itself in all its beauty and a chat intimate and ironic with her friend, the actress and writer Lena Dunham, above to narrow turn a very important step for Demi, work and personal: the release of an autobiographical book entitled Inside Out, which tells the story of his life and his career, between lights and shadows.

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The fame is extreme, and perhaps unbearable, her dependency issues, the relationship is always troubled with her body, up to his childhood trauma. With spontaneity, sincerity and light-heartedness, but in a way that is intimate and exciting. After all, Demi Moore is part of the world of the show from the mid-Eighties, and we are sure it has seen, and experienced, fine.

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