Demetra Hampton eliminated from The Island of the Famous 2019


Published on Feb 04, 2019


Still, the travails on The Island of the Famous 2019, and – in the course of the special episode on Sunday, February 3 – the number of the shipwrecked was more at revolutionized. As was already known, as well as two new castaways officers have joined the crew: the presenter Jo Squillo and former football player Stefano Bettarini. You are also added to the two winners of the televoting Will be the Islanders. But if there is people that is, there is people that goes: in the course of the evening, in fact, is the opening of a televoting flash...

This televoting flash has been the protagonists of two shipwrecked chosen from the classic nomination and by the Leader of the last installment. The pirate Paolo Brosio has opted to Greece Colmenares; the majority of the crew chose Demetra Hampton (seven in total).

At that point, Alessia Marcuzzi has opened an unprecedented televoting fastener with which, later, resulted in the elimination of the actress. Demetra Hampton is being churned out with 82% of the votes; the protagonist of Topaz, however, went for only 18%.

The verdict, Demetra Hampton have not broken that much: has heard the news and immediately launched to greet quickly with all the other castaways sitting in the palapa; a quick greeting to Alvin and then out of the studio lempira.

The evening was then ended with the assurances on the state of health of the Divine Otelma (he is fine but is still recovering from), the withdrawal of unexpected Francesca Cipriani, the election of a new leader (Marco Maddaloni), and a new round of nominations.

The next appointment with The Island of the Famous 2019 is fixed in seven days: Sunday, February 10, 2019, in the early evening, on Channel Five. This double appointment on Sunday is due solely to the Festival of Sanremo, 2019; and already from the next week, one of the festival in liguria, in fact, the reality show Mediaset will return regularly aired on Thursday evening.

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