Decree of the earthquake, via free of the the Council of Ministers. Protests to Parliament

Published on Feb 02, 2017

Free way of the Council of ministers to the decree in favour of the populations of central Italy affected by the earthquake in 2016 and 2017. This is the third legislative measure in the field implemented by the government, and after those followed the shock of August and November of last year. Decree of the earthquake, ok for the Cdm. Sit-in at Parliament. “I believe that Italy will not forget this blow, which was inflicted for a large portion of our territory. Italy has to react with determination, with a goal of which is to put into place all the policies and initiatives necessary to accelerate the paths of reconstruction and emergency”, said the premier Paolo Gentiloni at the end of the Cdm. “There is need for the entire Country starting from the government, the local institutions involved, the Parliament, the european Union, all have the awareness of the importance of gravity” of the situation in the areas affected by the earthquake and by the bad weather and the need to “respond adequately”, added Gentiloni. The protest in Rome of the populations affected by the earthquake. Those who live in a caravan, in the camper with the temperatures that the night end up well below freezing, who has been ‘transferred’ away from home but not to give up and wants to return to the country, those who lost house and job, who does not review and is asking for a response to the policy. The earthquake victims of Central Italy, especially in marche, gathered in a sit-in for the second time in Piazza Montecitorio, they feel strong in their voice and tell their own stories. “By three months – says Fulvio Santoni di Camerino (Macerata) – live guest of my brother. I can't go on like this. In ’97, I remember, when there was the earthquake of Colfiorito, after three months we were all in the container, not at the moment. What do the extraordinary commissioners? It seems to me, that lose only time.” This is echoed by Roberta Giacobetti, Collespada of Accumoli (Rieti): “From the 30th of October, we ask for the removal of the rubble. The administration may have to give a move and ask for the necessary means!”. Dejected, Carlo, di Ussita (Macerata): “There is a stasis that us citizens themselves do not know whom to turn to, and it's a shame that for the structures, in an emergency situation such as this, will have been made in procurement. I sleep in a camper for months and the temperature drops at night even at -14 degrees, how do I continue like this?”. Some of the testimonies. He has lost everything, Tullio Beautiful Visso (Macerata): “I bought a camper van used by 88, and my wife to live there because I don't want to be deported. Between three months and we eat at the table in the tent of the military, the houses do not come. I was the dealer and I put all the goods in my shop now unfit for use in a truck that I rented, because the container for the commercial activities is not never arrived.” There is also a Maximum of Marciano di Romagna (Rimini), which is not hit by the earthquake, but he wants to make himself useful: “I have put in my means to shoveling snow, carrying six turbines, and when we got Cured and we were blocked because, said they, had, perhaps, apply to the Civil Protection. Here's how you block a Country”. The bureaucracy does not help victims of the earthquake. “The government must break down the bureaucracy that is killing twice,” explains one of the organizers, Francesco Shepherdess, to Pieve Torina (Macerata) who lives in a caravan by 3 months, “so they trample on our dignity, not, arrived the container and those that do will have 6 toilets for every 100 people. There are the marquees for the cattle, and even modules for schools”. A delegation of residents affected by the earthquake, will be received by the president of the Chamber Laura Boldrini and, subsequently, by the president of the Senate Pietro Grasso. “We hope to be also received by the president of the Council Gentiloni”‘. Between the banner stands out that says ‘abandoned by three months without a home, work, and money”. (ANSA)

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