Death Stranding – We will be at 100% in the role of Norman Reedus

Published on Oct 09, 2016

You are still missing who knows how many months and years to the launch of Death Stranding, a title that despite having been presented during the last E3 in Los Angeles seems to be still in a primordial phase of processing. And yet, day after day, some small details are revealed. The new information comes from a YouTuber american, YongYea, that at ComicCon in New York, he met none other than Norman Reedus, the protagonist of the game.

Among the various questions of the short interview, YongYea has also requested a little information about Death Stranding, and apparently Reedus may have mistakenly revealed a detail: the game will be in first person. These, in fact, in his own words:

Kojima is a genius, I do everything that he wants me to do. [...] I asked him, “will cry the people playing in my shoes?”, to which he replies, “No, their will be you!”.

It is not clear what is meant Reedus with this phrase, but open to different scenarios, and one of these is, precisely, the first-person view. Some users have also on the premise of the game is extremely branched in terms of the choices of the narrative, perhaps something similar to Detroit: Become Human, exclusively to PlayStation 4 born from the mind of David Cage.

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