Death Stranding: the funny promo of Rick & honor of his wedding!


Published on Nov 12, 2019


Fans of Rick & honor of his wedding as the person who writes this article knows perfectly how irreverent and grotesquely funny can be this hilarious series created by Justin Roger and Dan Harmon.

For this, it is not surprising that much about the choice of giving his own unique interpretation to the usefulness of the Bridge Baby of the last video game made by Hideo Kojima Death Stranding.

Being a fetus in an incubator, portable, in and of itself, the BB is a concept rather bizarre and disturbing, and this is well suited to a reconsideration on the part of the scientist sociopath and alcoholic Rick and his, to say the least unfortunate nephew honor of his wedding.

In the short promo video that you can find within this article, the two find themselves in the macabre world of Death Stranding, and while they wonder what to do with the BB, Rick has the solution to the problem: eat it.

Of course, the honor of his wedding is disgusted by this proposal, however, when his grandfather explains to him that, if you eat, you may get an upgrade, run faster or jump higher, the response of the guy is: “Ok, eat the child“.

Death Stranding was published last November 8 for the PS4, while a compatible version for the PC will see the light in the summer of 2020.

The fourth season of Rick & honor of his wedding has already begun in the United States, and expect to know when it will be broadcast here in Italy from Netflix.

Death Stranding: the funny promo of Rick & honor of his wedding! is




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