Death Stranding: Kojima explains why he loves to create games bizarre


Published on Nov 10, 2019


Kojima has made games strange for virtually his entire career, and there is a big reason why he has this cult. With that said, why make games so strange? Well, according to Kojima, in part, because people talk about games strange a lot longer than those who run less risk and refer to more “mainstream”:

“I think that simplicity is good, but is consumed very quickly,“ said Kojima during a recent panel for the BAFTA. “It's like food: everything that is really digestible, simply vanishes. And does not remain in the body. But something problematic, that is not really digestible, remains in your body. And you don't know what it is.

And the human being has this feeling intellectual that persists: what is this? As for example a film, if this persists inside of you, and look at it again and again, or talk with your friends, what was that about?

Or maybe you take more time to review it again, or think of it again. And beginning to understand its true meaning. And starts to be a real body, your blood and your flesh. And remains in your body fluid, it simply exits. And I want to create that kind of things“.

Kojima continued:

“I grew up watching movies or things like that, for this I do in the games. They all say that it is complicated, but I think that everyone should just keep it and maybe feed it for five or ten years, and perhaps will begin to understand. And I really want to create this kind of things“.

According to Kojima, experimentation is the key to grow. Do something new not only allows Kojima to grow, but when a player get to experience something truly unique, he grow the same.

That said, Kojima is not interested to be weird just for the sake of being weird. In reality, you do not want to ever create anything less than exceptional. In other words, not only wants to give the players something to chew, but want to give them something delicious to chew on.

“I think that the stimulation is necessary to grow,“ said Kojima. “In a sense, to discover things that you don't know, that's why you grow. Then, whatever you know, or anything that is easy to eat, will not make you grow. Or your brain will not grow. Not going to be an experience. Then sometimes I want people to eat something that is not really easy to digest. But I really want to make this delicious thing, mind you”.

Death Stranding, the first game developed by Kojima Productions, is available from November 8, 2019 for PS4 and is going to get even on PC.

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