Death Stranding: a player gives a copy to those who can not afford it


Published on Nov 18, 2019


On the occasion of the publication of Death Stranding, the last video game made by the Master Hideo Kojima, and the first created by his studio, Kojima Productions, RamonesRazor, a user of Reddit has significantly grasped and embraced the message of unity and sharing that Death Stranding wants to transmit in, offering to donate a copy of this title to a player who can't afford to buy it.

Below you can find a translation of his touching message:

“No trick or another. Today is the day of the release (for me) and I woke up with the feeling of truly embracing the theme of the game.

I would like to buy a copy of the Death Stranding for someone who can't afford it. Preferably a long time fan of Kojima who is dying to play, but just can't make the purchase at this time. Tell me a little bit about yourself!

I'll order the game (standard edition) via my Amazon Prime account and I will pay a little extra to have it delivered tomorrow. I'm sorry, but for this I think I chedebba be only in the United States. Greetings!”

The user who has won a copy of Death Stranding is Moron_On_Oxy, which has posted this message in response to RamonesRazor:

“I'll take him. Will undergo surgery reconstructive, I'll be in bed for 2 weeks. My appointment is tomorrow. Are without a job for almost a month, so I won't bother to even convince the wife to let me buy a game for 70$. Are in the United States. Alabama. Regardless, this is really nice“.

Here is the answer to RamonesRazor: “Good luck for the surgery, my friend. I hope that the game will help you to overcome the convalescence”.

This initiative has had a vast resonance, to the point that even Tommie Earl Jenkins (Die-Hard Man), and the same Hideo Kojima have been talking about! “Die Hard-the Man in person, Tommie Earl Jenkins, has tweeted on this discussion. And then it was retweeted by Hideo Kojima! I'm really impressed“.

Not only that, other players have joined this wonderful initiative: “The following amazing people have generously stepped forward and have purchased a copy of the game for people in need. If I forgot anyone, please let me know. You guys are fantastic!

sommersj, Death-0, souksoul, themarkdrake, Sybrite, BoAllerup, slingblade73, TomoSeibokuji, / U / hypeguy.

Death Stranding was published last November 8 for the PS4, while a compatible version for the PC will see the light in the summer of 2020.

Death Stranding: a player gives a copy to those who can not afford it is




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