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Published on Feb 08, 2019


BAO Publishing brings in Italy the last series, in the order of time, by Rick Remender, the prolific author already in the catalog of the publisher in milan with the great Black Science, ovvro Death or Glory made in pair with the French superstar Bengal – already seen at work on Batgirl and Spider-Gwen just to mention two of the series that has produced for major american comics.

Glory is born in a truck and grew up on the wide roads of the american west. His only family are his father Red and the other truck drivers are independent. But when Red falls ill with liver cancer and the only hope left is that of a transplanting, Glory, decide to rob two corrupt cops.

For a girl who grew up with sound principles cross over to the other side of the fence is not easy and, in fact, the robbery will have implications in the tragic-comic: the briefcase with the money is destroyed and the Glory escapes with a truck found in the place of the exchange. The load, however, will be even more worrying... illegal mexicans!

Put on a bus to Phoenix, the only one left to help him is Pablo. The two begin to exchange opinions on the situation: Glory confesses to having tried to rob her ex-husband, while Pablo reveals that her ex-husband does not traffic in drugs but in human beings.

In search of money to pay for the transplant of his father and desperate Glory, decides to help Pablo in search of his sister, his brother-in-law and his nephew. The two then try an assault on the “butcher's shop” by being involved in an amazing chase involving the police and the “wholesalers” mexican.

Escaped for a breath, Pablo has recovered only the grandson, while Glory got a liver for the father, but Toby, her ex-husband, is not very happy with facccenda... fortunately, to defend the Glory has remained her family.


The one that Rick Remender wraps it with Death or Glory is definitely a story outside his usual parameters dedicated to the sci-fi or fantasy – with the exception of Deadly Class – where to master it, it is the action that exaggerated blockbuster “ignorant” and, above all, a certain dose of irony and grotesque characters.

At the base of this series there is a bizarre short-circuit between Baby Driver, Fast and Furious, Hell or High Water, and some of the films of the Coen brothers, and while Remender portrays a protagonist tough, but move from intent noble which betray, however, their own principles – in this sense, Glory is reminiscent of Heath Huston, the protagonist of Fear Agent – the secondary characters become caricatures tarantiniane whose dialogues are burning and electrocuting discussion on the bizarre story.

The exception to this is the central chapter, the third, which seems like a long digression on the origins of Glory and of his father, and here emerges an overwhelming Remender more reflective one that does not fail to hear his voice with its reflection on the existence. In Death or Glory, the author puts on the plate, his origins as a man of the south and the theme of personal freedom filtered through excess of the figure of the Red – to abandon any contact with reality and with the “civilization” – the number of which becomes, however, the price that this freedom means and that falls on the daughter, Glory. The author also does not fail to hear his voice on topical issues such as weapons and immigration.

Bengal illustrates in a masterly manner the history. His trait is essential and snappy when you need it, pays attention to details when serving with a predilection for the horizontality of the panels in the tables, the size that allows it to increase the effect of the “blockbuster” in the action scenes. Noticeable is also the influence of the eastern section of French designer – especially in some of the choices for anatomical and expressive – influence that takes you to the readers not accustomed to the comics but that may not meet the “hard and pure” of the western style.

Excellent edition BAO Publishing with a hardback without the extra content, if not the inevitable variant cover. Smooth and free of burrs and the translation and adaptation.

Death or Glory Vol. 1 is a “warm up lap”, a beginning promettentissimo, performed with the foot to the floor on the accelerator. Recommended for lovers of action for more stringent and of course to fans of Rick Remender that they will come to their favorite writer in a entirely new look, yet familiar.

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