Death Desiree, Francesco Facchinetti shock: ‘We want the guillotine to...’

Published on Oct 26, 2018

Hard to comment on social Facchinetti on the death of Desirée Mariottini

The rape and tragic death of sixteen-year-old Desiree Mariottini has upset all the italians. Also Francesco Facchinetti, was thrilled by the violence that these guys have done to the child. Through its page Facebook, the producer has made of the accusations quite heavy. Let's see what he wrote on the social.

Desirée Mariottini, a resident of Cisterna di Latina was murdered and raped for twelve hours in an abandoned building in the San Lorenzo district in the Capital. After a series of investigations, the police have stopped three people, all immigrants. The latter have been accused of sexual assault group, sale of narcotics and murder.

Tired of hearing often in the newspapers with cases of violence of gender against minors on the part of immigrants, Francesco Facchinetti wanted to tell her about the affair She Mariottini. Through his very popular page on Facebook wrote this message:

“I would like to understand what to expect to put in the squares for the guillotine. These demons must be wiped out immediately. And who tells me that they are populist and take in ass and try to think if such a thing had happened to his daughter, sister, friend or girlfriend. The turn the other cheek is the ruin of the last millennium. Out of the balls, it's time to put things together!”.

After some time the son of the ex component of the Pooh is back on the topic, attempt the dose in this way:

“To invoke the death penalty for these bastards does not mean to be fascist but it does mean being realistic. The gross to be buonisti at all costs has brought us until here: congratulations”.

Here's the post in full the former Dj:

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