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Published on Jul 10, 2018


The smell of the earth raised by the rolling of two bodies in the fight between them: blood, liked and the first book of the Deadwood Dick, the title is as Black As Night, opens with a fight between a “cannon thunder” and a dagger, between a native american and an african american. Between the bullets, explicit content, erotic dreams, and the typical racism of the american century, comes a new western in the kiosk that tells the story of Deadwood Dick, a cowboy african-american who in the Ninth Cavalry in the American Army to escape from a white who wants to kill you, in the period following the War of Secession.

The character of Dick was in the past the protagonist of a series of stories published in America between 1877 and 1897, and has recently inspired the american author Joe R. Lansdale for a series of novels and short stories, such as Paradise Sky, Hide and Horns and Soldierin’, from which was taken the inspiration for this new series consists of seven books.


After about two years, Lansdale returns to comics, this time at the hands of the bonelli Michele Masiero and Corrado Mastantuono, who bring a new wind in the kiosk that smells of western (and mer*to the human, as you can read in the register). With the new label, “Bold“, announced at Lucca Comics & Games 2017, the Publisher Sergio Bonelli returns to the roots of the publishing house, the Forties and the spirit of pioneering that has distinguished itself in the venture and experiment with new roads, comics. And what better way is there of the beloved western, turning into a “badass” founder Tex to start the label? Even better if the story comes from the tales of one of the authors texans the most eclectic in the world. Noir, horror, pulp sci-fi and western: Lansdale touches on all the genres with his figurative style, scathing, surreal and surprising.

In Deadwood Dick, the roads that the script would be able to make are two: retrieve and modify the "Lansdale" style, which sits perfectly on the language of the comic strip, or write the same story with a completely different style, keeping the narrative line of the original. Masiero choose the first way, and has the ability to recreate the rawness and crudeness of the author in texas, offering the lover of her novels a black and white photograph of the story; who is fasting of short stories, "lansdeliani", instead, you'll end up in the hands of a register, without hair on the tongue, that runs, and runs, surprising and capturing at the first reading.

Who better could represent the escape in the arid lands of the americans, if not the texiano Corrado Mastantuono?

The designer indulging on the tables like a horse untamed: leave Dick free to do what they want inside the cage, the so-called "definition", and the main character manages to bend to his will, the space chart, without regret to readers nostalgic for the classic reading of a good Bonelli. His Deadwood Dick, in the middle of a Samuel L. Jackson of the school tarantiniana and a Will Smith dropped out of the steampunk the Wild Wild west, is so human and paraculo to be able to communicate actions and emotions through gestures and glances, sometimes making it to the captions almost useless and relegating them to mere accompaniment to the rest of the story.


With this new label, the lettering goes beyond what we are accustomed now for years via the classic font used in all of the securities of the tip and welcome to the new italics in the rough, which creates a feeling as if the memories of the escape were scratched away from the brain and, subsequently, before it on a piece of paper ruined. In so doing, created a match and is ideal for the captions, written in a style halfway between “dear diary” and the story of uncle Tobias.

The biggest flaw of this album are the 64 pages is too few for a story so full of adventure and moments to tell, between dreams, memories of the past of Dick which never will return, and the moments of transition between imagination and reality. The choice to begin publishing in the month of July was perfect: this is the first album lends itself very well to be read and re-read at the beach, under an umbrella and surrounded by polveroni of sand, which recreate, in 4D the perfect microclimate for you to feel a companion of the journey of Deadwood Dick.

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