Deadshot: Will Smith is still in negotiations for the spin-off


Published on Sep 28, 2018


Shortly after the launch of the DC universe (what is known by fans as the DC Extended Universe), Warner Bros Pictures has decided to rapidly expand its cinematic universe with the Suicide Squad of David Ayer in the summer of 2016, the film starring the members of Task Force X, antiheroes, and villains who carry out missions in the name of the government of the United States to reduce their sentences.

Even if the film Suicide Squad has not met the favours of the critics, was a commercial success. And so, the studio quickly began to develop a sequel and multiple spin-offs, one of which would be devoted to Deadshot. Even if the latter has not had further developments, Smith is still very interested in the idea.

Busy in doing bungee jumping in the Grand Canyon for her 50th birthday, Will Smith answered questions from fans online (with the help of Alfonso Ribeiro).

One of the questions was the film spin-off of Deadshot; Smith responded with enthusiasm, saying, “I Hope so, I love to interpret Deadshot, I really liked that character. They have spoken, so if there is any good idea to arrive... we had a meeting, but I'd really like to... I love Deadshot. ”

Therefore, it seems are still in talks for a film about Deadshot. Meanwhile, DC Films proceeds with the spin-off Suicide Squad: Birds of Prey by Cathy Yan, with Margot Robbie, the actress of Harley Quinn.

Regardless of what will happen to Deadshot, Smith will return in Suicide Squad 2 by Gavin O'connor. However, it was also recently reported that Smith would have turned Bright 2 and Bad Boys 3 before returning to the DCEU, and then to today there is not much clarity on when Deadshot could have his film.

Deadshot: Will Smith is still in negotiations for the spin-off is




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