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Published on Sep 22, 2017


Panini Comics offers a miniseries on one of the most disturbing Marvel: the Insanicida.

In reality, there were three individuals with this name. The first, Ross G. Everbest, inspired by a short story by O. Henry, decided to assume the role of the Foolkiller with the intention to lead a crusade from the tone of the reactionaries to then collide with the monstrous Man-Thing. The second and more famous, Greg Salinger, he wanted to kill all those who, on the basis of his perception of the diverted, considered crazy, and had to do with the Defenders, and Spider-Man. There was, finally, Kurt Gerhardt, the third Insanicida, who made Greg as a model and carried out a mission against the crime more extreme than that of the Punisher.

In this mini-series to the attention of the writer Max Bemis is addressed to Greg, who has again assumed the identity of the Insanicida. Despite being disturbed, she has a degree in psychology and therefore has the task of the psychologist. But the working environment is certainly peculiar.

Greg, in fact, acting in agreement with a leader and a SHIELD, and attends exclusively to criminals. Try to make them overcome the trauma that torment them, hoping that they can become better people. However, if the outcome is negative, it kills them with the tacit endorsement of the association of espionage. We would say, therefore, that Greg has found its balance, although it remains a killer, but things are not as they seem. His girlfriend, for example, has several secrets to hide and perhaps it is more crazy and dangerous than him.

In addition, the supervisor SHIELD is not what it appears, and when Greg discovers the truth about his account will begin the real problems. Moreover, the involvement of individuals such as the Punisher, Deadpool, Hood and Kurt Gerhardt, the third Insanicida, will complicate everything. Without spoilers, I can only specify that in the plot, the surprises, the shocking there is never a shortage. Foolkiller is a comic abnormal for Marvel, from the tone of adult and non-conformist, almost Vertigo in the setting.

It is not surprising, since Max Bemis is one of the authors most unconventional in recent years (just read the works which are subversive of the caliber of Polarity and Evil Empire to understand it). His merit is that of having outlined in a convincing manner the personality schizoid that make Foolkiller comic is certainly not for everyone. There are in fact violent situations and distressing and, despite the irony, especially thanks to the presence of Deadpool, the work will not appeal to kids or to the classic Marvel fan looking for a typical adventure of superheroes.

Texts and dialogues are borrowed from the narrative hard-boiled and the monologues of Greg, in their simplicity, evoke perfectly the nature of pathological protagonist. In the structure of the plot finally, there are curious elements in the meta-narrative. Deadpoool, for example, sometimes acts as if he were living inside a cartoon and, while talking with Greg, makes sarcastic comments on the clich├ęs of comic-book stars and stripes. The overall result is unsettling.

The designs are Dalibor Talajic, who has already done so many things for Marvel. Her style is edgy and essential, perhaps not outstanding, but effective. Gives the best of himself in the early plans, and in this case, is able to depict the sick psyche of the character; it is less engaging pages are full of human figures, stout and rather conventional in the background. Be that as it may, Foolkiller is a comic that is really worth reading, and is different from the head the mainstream of the House of Ideas.

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