Deadpool 3: T. J. Miller will not be there


Published on Nov 24, 2018


Even if the actor has been an important presence in the first two chapters, his future with the franchise has been put in doubt for the personal problems he had to face in recent times.

In 2017, Miller was accused of assaulting sexually a woman at college and was arrested earlier this year for instigating a false alarm-bomb on a train.

There's no denying that Miller is a valid shoulder for Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), but the increasing number of difficult situations that have seen the protagonist has made it difficult for a third chapter.

In fact, it seems that you have already made steps to clear the role of the Weasel: Reynolds has confirmed in may that Miller would not be part of the upcoming spin-off X-Force's director, Drew Goddard, and now it seems that Miller has gone even further, saying that he will not return for a third installment of the adventures of Wade Wilson, as confirmed by an exchange on Twitter (via DanielRPK), which you can see above.

Considering the previous developments, this choice is not surprising: Fox (and soon, under the umbrella of Disney) would want to avoid the negative press that would come with the involvement of Miller in future projects.

Deadpool 3: T. J. Miller will not be there is




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