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Published on Feb 13, 2018


Speaking of zombies and undeads now it's almost a habit. From the new vision that gave Romero decades ago with his dawn of The dead, this symbol of horror cinema has become so familiar and so exploited that it is now difficult to be scared. The world of video games has been able to offer different visions, such as Dead Light or series of TellTales inspired by the ubiquitous The Walking Dead. The last in order of arrival is a Dead Maze, which, in these hours makes its appearance on the platform of Steam.

Able to push a player closer to a product that represents the nth declination on the topic is a difficult challenge that the guys from Atelier 801 have chosen to deal with it without fear. And the result is definitely interesting, and totally free to play!

The title of the software house in French is a MMO with isometric old fashioned solution that seems to adapt better to the type of interaction ‘massive’ that the developers intend to give it to their title. The setting in 2D of the title manages to create a good graphic of the environment, which is presented in a simple style, almost cartoonish, particularly colorful.

To be clear, we are not faced with a title of "high-end", " Dead Maze points to other elements to attract us. First of all, the story. As every zombie movie that respects, at the centre of everything, there is to our survival, but to give a touch of innovation is the start of our adventure. While we are going to attend with a friend and his girlfriend to a game of the local team, our car and punctured a tire, and of course, we lack of rubber supply.

This forces us to remain still at the side of the road, in open countryside, a very small area of the game will be the scene of our first steps in the Dead Maze.

In a short time, our machine is assaulted by the undead, who kill our friends and also attack us. The situation is desperate, and after a fade in we find that what we have seen happened months ago! In Dead Maze we belong to the fortunate class of people who are immune to the bite of the zombie, an elite that is in charge and then to find out what tie the appearance of the undead to the tsunami that devastated the american East Coast, which seems to be the cause of the appearance of the zombies.

Our misfortune is a sort of tutorial, in which we are shown the basic moves of the Dead Maze. The game Atelier 801 is an action with a strong component of co-operative, which is structurally simple but no less endearing. As we will soon learn, our survival depends on the exploration and interaction with the game environment, but to kick off this odyssey of the undead serves as a nice departure of the bad ones.

From the point of view of the history, Dead Maze try to insert something new, in an attempt to eliminate that sense of already seen that it is almost inevitable talking about zombies. The narrative structure and the interesting movies of intermezzo are two strong points of the title of Atelier 801, even if a translation is not just idyllic for spoken (text only) tends to dampen the moments of greatest tension, because of an absolutely involuntary lexical choice almost comical.

Dead Maze is designed as a survival co-operative, and this nature is not slow to manifest itself. The first missions to have lived in solitary to give us time to get familiar with the controls and the dynamics of the game, which are quite simple and they taste quite old-fashioned.

Classic WASD for movements, while the mouse is our tool to interact with the world. A curious choice to provide to our alter ego as an auto-attack to the undead when they come within range of our guns, leaving us the freedom to add attacks extra if our energy bar ec allows.

The combat system of Dead Maze is incredibly simple. You get closer to the enemy, will automatically take the blows and you move on to the next. A rudimentary skill bar allows us to use special shots, and consumes energy that we can always keep under control thanks to a shorting bar under the name of our survivor.

The weapons at our provisions are endless, since everything can become a tool for delivering final death to the undead. Only caveat, you have always in our reduced inventory more than a weapon, since that tends to destroy our weapons, which have to be replaced quite often. Especially fun is the ability to create new weapons, via a rudimentary crafting system that can let space to a certain resourcefulness of the player, obviously without getting to the madness of some creations to the Dead Rising.

What seems to be missing at the moment is a care in the management of the progression of the character. The feed level in the Dead Maze can offer you reputation points, various objects and sometimes even new skills to use in combat, in a selection of awards that we can select the passing level.

As an incentive to continue in the history, this is not the maximum. The reputation points should be used to interact with the different factions present in the city centres, but at the moment their use is totally absent. No change to stats, or particular choice, this is the only redemption of a prize that in the long run deprives the game of a sprint that could have helped a lot.

The part of the ‘social’ of the Dead Maze is pretty well characterized already in this phase of the development. Reaching the tents, we will have the opportunity to exchange goods and equipment with other players, with which you can also participate in some of the missions in co-op, the real strong point of the French title. To invogliarci in this interaction, the participation, the need to eat with a certain frequency of the food, which operates a balance bonus and malus on our character.

Following this dynamic, often happen to be in a situation to offer a fruit or a bottle of water to another player who doesn't pass too well, giving life to an interesting possibility that allows us to conceive of survival as a positive interaction or as a solitary existence in which only our well-being is important.

Fortunately, the story of Dead Maze is engaging enough, thanks to the presence of a good dialogues (strictly in English), and the idea of travel to the America's haunted, that allows you to show different environments in which to move. It must however be noted how this gaming rig is not without some moments of flatness, given that the gameply tends to be rather repetitive, with a series of quests that stands out for variety.

The quests are at the moment, the weakest part of Dead Maze. The main mission is divided into several chapters, each set in a different area of California, but often the various tasks tend not to be well highlighted, making it much easier to play the side quests and leaving us with a feeling of frustration often excessive. But we are facing a type of game, a mmorpg 2D free-to-play, that often suffer from this problem.

It should also be said that Dead Maze now begins his adventure, that may be a point in its favor, given that you can always add more content, more to avoid the abandonment of the players because of boredom.

Honestly, I think that the French Atelier 801 have given life to an interesting game, which in its initial phase shows more potential defects. Dead Maze has all the cards on the table to improve and become a great title that leads to the creation of a crowded community.

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