De Lellis: “The horns are bad, but no, I would not have met Iannone”


Published on Sep 10, 2019


The influencer tells for the first time because it ended with Andrea Damante

Giulia De Lellis is the protagonist of the cover of F – the women's weekly of Cairo Editore, directed by Marisa Deimichei – on newsstands tomorrow. It is the first interview granted for the release on September 17 of her highly anticipated book, The horns are good on everything. But I was better off without! (Mondadori) that, throughout the summer, thanks to reservations, it was at the top of the ranking of the best-seller on Amazon. In the interview the influencers, today happily betrothed to the MotoGP rider Andrea Iannone, tells for the first time, because it is over a year and a half ago, his love story with Andrea Damante was born in the program Men and Women, the details of the betrayal of him and how much she suffered.

“The horns sooner or later happen to all of them, then I thought I would put this experience in a book. If it can help just one girl that is living now what I lived and encourages us to wash up and get dressed to get out of the house, it will be worth it”. As he discovered the betrayal? “I started to have a feeling more and more annoying [...]. At the beginning I did not have the courage to investigate, I was hoping to be wrong. Instead, it was all true. The girls say: ‘If you have that feeling do not ignore it!'”.

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In the book he mentions that he has cheated on her repeatedly. A single escapade instead would forgive her? “In my case, and Andrea Damante was not only betrayal of the physical but of the lack of respect, very serious about what I was unable to pass over”. Naive or she skilled him to manipulate it? “He is very clever. To make it go under the nose to me we want”. He called the women with whom he had been unfaithful to have details of every single betrayal. Why? “I'm a bit masochistic – reply Julia – I needed to hurt me to understand, I wanted to go in the bottom”. Has destroyed the playstation and the wardrobe. “I've done far worse [...]. They are very passionate, instinctive”. So much hatred but when he called, there is the waterfall again. “Why, especially if you've been cheated on, you are forced to stop loving, it is not who you are is off the feeling. Therefore to resist is very difficult. I managed to cut only after a long time. But not all evil comes to harm: if it had not been for him I would not have met the Andrea is right.”

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Andrea Iannone him presented Damante? “I met him during a dinner where I brought my ex. We were both engaged, so we exchanged only three looks, but we remember it well. He had ‘stored’, I was in reality the result unpleasant, maybe, however, I didn't want to admit to be fascinated. A year later she sent me a text message [...]”. A biker, rich and famous, companion for three years of Belén Rodríguez. It was not the case of being a bit more quiet after the drubbing? “He says that horns me I look for? Look at it that if he is famous it is much easier to catch if will betray you. And anyway, if one wants to do it, do it anyway. Andrea, instead, makes me feel protected”.

With Iannone've been together this summer and already convivete. “I had asked and I was already by him, in Lugano”. Spoken already of the family and children. “Yes, certain values unite us. And I would like to be a mother, I have all the papers in order”. But she has written a book where he tells the details, even intimate, of the history with her ex. Iannone as the has taken? “Since the beginning I have been clear... that there was this book. And still there is nothing that does not already know”. The weekly F version is available for iPad and iPhone, in newsstand in the iTunes Store.

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