DC: what's new for Shazam!, part Suicide Squad Black Files


Published on Aug 21, 2018


In the late evening of yesterday, DC has announced the anticipated outputs for November harbingers of some important news. Stand out the debut of Shazam! and The Grant Lantern – series had already been announced and advertised but not without a few new details, in addition to the crossover between Justice League and Aquaman that we had already reported – for all the details click HERE.

Let's start with Shazam! the first issue will be 40 pages. By careful reading of the contents of the register, however, is the presence of a history of the appendix, written by creator Geoff Johns, but designed by SEN is the artistic name of the illustrator Mayo Naito, already approached to the project DC Zoom, Superman Smashes the Klan on texts by Gene Luen Yang.

Here's the cover, synopsis and how it might look to the history of the appendix, thanks to some fan-art of the illustrator:

There are three debuts from the report: Suicide Squad Black Files, Electric Warriors, and American Carnage – for Vertigo.

Suicide Squad Black Files is a project dating back to 2017, and the previously deleted due to the presence of the Doctor, the Endless, a character reimagined by writer Jai Nitz but created by Neil Gaiman in which he opposed the preparations for its use.

The miniseries of 6 numbers, as happened in the past for other mini-related to the SS, will have a double history: the first, written by veteran Mike W. Barr, as its protagonist, the terrorist organization Kobra, the second of Jai Nitz will present a sort of Suicide Squad mystical.

Electric Warriors is the new sci-fi series by Steve Orlando and Travel Foreman, in which we make the acquaintance of the “gladiators diplomats” and a combat system that is capable of establishing hierarchies between the various planets.

Return to the origins for Vertigo, American Carnage of Bryan Hill (Michael Cray, Detective Comics) and Leandro Fernandez. Ex-FBI agent is asked to infiltrate a group of extreme right. At least the premise of the series seems to take place in the wake of the great classics such as 100 Bullets and Scalped.

Besides the debut of The Green Lantern #1 by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp, also the long-awaited run of G. Willow Wilson on Wonder Woman with #58.

While there is a small waltz of designers lead by the debut of Carmine Di Giandomenico on the historical Detective Comics. Stands out certainly the arrival of Rafa Sandoval, who has done very well on Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps, The Flash while the report Ryan Sook on Action Comics, Brett Booth on Batman Beyond, Dan McDaid in the last issue of Doom Patrol, Daniel Sampere on Justice League Dark, Philippe Briones on Justice League Odyssey, Evan Doc Shaner on Supergirl, Mynkiu Jung on Titans, Victor Bogdanovic on The Terrifics.

Closures: concludes the mini-series about Plastic Man while the synopsis of #6 makes me think of a closure of The Unexpected.

Finally, to point out some decent #1 for the volumes of Harley Quinn and Nightwing, as he returns to DC-The League of the Extraordinary Gentleman by Alan Moore, with a new edition of the omnibus. There are 3 adaptations of the prose of many classic comics: The Killing Joke, Mad Love and The Court of Owls.


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