DC: Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch together again for The Batman's Serious


Published on Jul 16, 2019


This October, Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch will launch a new mini-series of 12 numbers from the title, the suggestive, The Batman's Grave.

DC Comics has presented this series as “the life, death, and the questions that most of us are too afraid to do.” The series focuses on how Batman enters in the minds of the victims of the murders to be the greatest detective in the world. In this story, we will have to do with a victim of a murder with a face half eaten. Even the faithful butler to Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, will have a starring role in the plot. His care of the graves of the parents of Batman, in particular, will be very important.

The Batman's Serious meet Ellis with the character:

“My first job at DC was on two issues of Legends of the Dark Knight, so I'm past twenty-five years since I made a complete story on Batman. I've decided to revisit the scene of the crime that started my career in american comics, and I'm glad that my old mate Bryan Hitch is doing it with me. Have passed too many years since the last time we had a long “campaign” together.”

This series, in fact, also marks the reunion between the two authors, who together have made the history of comics: the most important collaboration of Ellis and Hitch was The Authority, which was launched in 1999 and has continued to define the genre in the years 2000 and beyond.

The Batman's Grave #1 will arrive Wednesday, October 9, with a cover of the Hitch and a variant of JeeHyung Lee. As it says in the Hitch, this will be “a real big history of Batman”.

DC: Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch together again for The Batman's Grave is




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