DC universe: the Dark Matter becomes The New Age of Heroes, Grant Morrison will write a series – NYCC 2017


Published on Oct 06, 2017


During the conference “Meet the Publishers” event held yesterday, Jim Lee and Dan Didio has revealed that the imprint of Dark Matter will be called The New Age of Heroes.

Was not provided a specific explanation for the rebranding, however, it is interesting how Jim Lee wanted to emphasize the difference between Dark Nights: Metal and Doomsday Clock, the two events that is being held, and will stand for the next few months of DC Comics.

Metal is an event that is a story while the Doomsday Clock is a story that is an event

Didio instead explained the basic idea, citing it as a source of inspiration for the first Image, of The New Age of Heroes:

it's all in the make comic strip characters degrees of the new [...] will be a way to build and diversify the DCU, all of these series will be the idea starting point for new readers that will not have to worry about buying other albums.

The same Dan Didio has announced that Grant Morrison co-wrote with him some numbers of the series Sideways with Justin Jordan, Kenneth Rocafort to the drawings. Morrison has said that:

I think that it is important to understand that there are corners of the universe in which the main characters never arrive. And this is the angle that will explore with Dan on the Sideways

Finally, an interesting reflection on the New 52 and the Rebirth with Didio, who explained that it is impossible to think of a continuous cycle of raises. Rebirth is served to focus on the longevity of the stories while with the New 52 too many series have been cancelled prematurely without the opportunity to carve out your own audience.

With the Rebirth of our proposal is stable and we can focus on the other, as was done with the characters of Hanna & Barbera.

Recall that the imprinting will be part of the series, The Silencers, Sideways, The Immortal Men and The Terrifics.

source: cbr


DC universe: the Dark Matter becomes The New Age of Heroes, Grant Morrison will write a series – NYCC 2017 is




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