DC: Tom King talks about Batman #51 and #52, Heroes in Crisis, and Mister Miracle


Published on Jul 15, 2018


Tom King will be really busy this summer. The writer of the Batman is ready to tackle the post-marriage with Mr. Freeze and Killer Croc (you'll see below thumbnails of Lee Weeks numbers #51 and #52) trying to put together the pieces of his heart shattered. Also, you will still have to do with artist Mitch Gerads with one of the most critically acclaimed of the year, Mister Miracle. And, infinie, you will be confronted with Clay Mann for the recently announced, Heroes in Crisis, a miniseries that will see Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the DC universe deal with the theme of the trauma. Entertainment Weekly spoke with the writer, let's see some statements.

The first part of the interview covers some of the information that we already have a treaty dedicated exclusively to the post-wedding Batman. You can find here, as we show below the pictures of Lee Weeks.

Entertainment Weekly: “When it was announced for the first time, Heroes in Crisis, you said that you wanted to bring back a sense of community in the DC universe. Why was it so important to you?”

Tom King: “I Would like to have a wonderful, profound answer to this question, but here's the reality: I watch the show Justice League Unlimited with my children, the show of Dwayne McDuffie. McDuffie had this great idea of this place where all the superheroes come and go, and eat together, sit and plan their missions. All of the DCU, this is happening to them. It amazes me, and more me, it amazes my children. You never saw the amazement in seeing them watch a club full of superheroes. Scott Snyder and I adore this idea, and both wanted to bring it back. He is doing the Justice League, and I'm doing this here with Heroes in Crisis. Comes from the amazement of my daughter to the concept of a satellite full of superheroes who try to save the world.”

EW: “On the basis of the cover, it seems like Booster Gold, and Harley Quinn will play an important role in Heroes in Crisis. Why did you choose those two people?”

TK: “they Are the two stars of the miniseries along with the Trinity. I do also this comic called the Mister Miracle, which I really like. The way in which Mister Miracle started was to go from the co-publisher, Dan DiDio and ask him: ‘I Want to do something extraordinary with the character, but you have to give me a little space to do some things, you choose the character.’ He chose Mister Miracle, and that is how it started. It's not very original, but I wanted to repeat that success. So, when I was reminded of this idea of Heroes in Crisis, I went back to Dan and said, ‘can We do it again? Give me two heroes, to put them under the spotlight and them ridefiniremo to be at the centre of the DCU, the pillars of this universe.’ And the two that I gave were Booster Gold, and Harley Quinn. I think they are perfect because they are almost two sides of the same coin. Are both of those dreamers of mania that have committed huge mistakes and come back on their steps. They are a species of survivors.”


DC: Tom King talks about Batman #51 and #52, Heroes in Crisis, and Mister Miracle is




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