DC: Superman reveals his identity and the closing of Deathstroke in December


Published on Sep 19, 2019


After the juicy anticipation of the return of Frank Miller The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, DC has released the outputs scheduled for December 2019 in the USA, full as ever of interesting news.

Continue to keep your tour by Brian M. Bendis and his handling of Superman. After you have “attached” the marriage between the Azzurrone and Lois Lane, The Great One promises to undermine another important part of the mythology of the hero: his identity a secret.

The revelation will take place jointly on Superman #18, and Lois Lane #7, signed respectively by Bendis, Ivan Reis, and Greg Rucka, Mike Perkins, and it will be the same Superman.

This is a topos of mythology supermaniana widely used in recent times, 2015, and the DC to “solve” the last turn to the narrative in this sense has had to wait for the relaunch, Rebirth. In short, Bendis is putting on the fire a piece of meat that may burn.

Staying on the subject of Superman, starting in December with the #37, the reins of Supergirl will be taken by Jody Houser (Mother Panic) and Rachael Stott.

Confirmed instead the closure of Deathstroke, as well as we had announced here.

Priest concludes his run on the character, one of the most acclaimed of the era Renaissance and beyond, in anticipation of a most probable raise.

Takes a break, Wonder Woman with the #83, which slide in December. As already riferitovi in fact, the reins of the Rider are in the hands of Steve Orlando, which has had to compensate for the sudden abandonment of G. Willow Wilson.

Note how the #84 would correspond to in the numbering and “legacy” at #750: likely, then, that DC is preparing a number of celebration and/or the announcement of a new creative team.

Cross-reference in the theme of Wonder Woman, for the label, Black Label part of the very interesting mini-series in 4 issues of Wonder Woman: Dead Earth written and illustrated by Daniel Warren Johnson, seen in Italy, thanks to saldaPress that he has published, amongst others, the its Extremity, and Murder Falcon.

After a long slumber a second, Diana wakes up to discover that the world he had so painstakingly protected has become a wasteland atomized desolate. While he will discover what has happened to the world, he must protect the last city that has remained from the attack of a horde of giant monsters.





DC: Superman reveals his identity and the closing of Deathstroke in December of




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