DC – Superman: Brian Michael Bendis talks about the consequences of The Man of Steel


Published on Jul 11, 2018


Brian Michael Bendis has just started to write the stories of Superman, but his choices have already done so to discuss.


Many fans, in fact, have demonstrated their displeasure against the former writer of Marvel that in the miniseries Man of Steel, has removed Lois Lane and the son, Jon Superman. In particular, a fan tweeted directly to Bendis, receiving an unexpected response from the same author.

“I really enjoyed your work on the heads of Marvel – he wrote the user Chelsea LaLicata – and I can't wait to see you at work on Superman... but you have separated Lois and Jon, and this has killed my enthusiasm. Lois and Jon are the best part of the stories of Superman. I believe that I will not follow the two cylinder heads”.

But the response of Bendis, as we said, are not made wait:

“I already told you that I would not have dismissed Jon and Lois from Superman, and you know what? I did not. Lois and Jon would return on both heads, with the most incredible stories that were never protagonists.”

I totally get that. that would suck. especially since I promised I wasn't going to do that. and, guess what? I'm not!! yay! Both Jon and Lois will be returning to both books. with big bold story you haven't seen from them before.


In fact, the mystery on the fate of Lois Lane and Jonathan Kent is one of the most interesting issues raised in the miniseries Man of Steel. But, little by little, the mystery is revealing itself. In the last issue, in fact, seen the father, kryptonian, Superman, Jor-El, to accompany his nephew Jon in a tour around the universe, followed by the same Lois.

And the words made and leaked by Bendis make sense that the two characters are ready to return to the protagonists on the heads of the Man of Steel.

Meanwhile, debuts today in the USA, Superman #1, the relaunch of the series on the Man of Steel signed by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Ivan Reis.

For the occasion the same Bendis was interviewed by Newsarama.

At the u.s. site the writer said: “The two heads of Superman, on which I will work to have the storyline completely different, but they will cross and will expose each other. On Superman, there will be great adventures with the big villain, while on Action Comics, we'll see what revolves around the world of Clark Kent: from what happens at the Daily Planet, until you get to what happens on the streets of Metropolis”.

And going back on the removal of Lois and Jon Superman Bendis said: “What has happened to these two characters is something very great for the entire DC universe. But the answers to all of these things you will find on Action Comics“.

At the center of the two heads of Superman there will be several elements had already been introduced by Bendis on Man of Steel and that will play a more central role, starting from the Phantom Zone.

“There will be kryptonian, and various monsters of all kinds - said - I also spoilerato the presence of the Nuclear Man, the villain of the fourth film about the Man of Steel. And then there will be all of planet Earth, and all the superheroes existing. Superman will not be able to trace his family, and he will feel alone without having the answers, but all this will not last for the entire series. People think that Lois will never return back. But it is not so. He returns with a bunch of new stories. And also Jor-El will play a central role”.

But Bendis, through the site would have also made some statements about the large number of new characters introduced in Man of Steel:”it takes time before the new character reveal his complexity-he said - all of this requires pages and pages, albi whole sometimes. In short, if you go to see all of the characters to whom you are related more neither one of them is revealed fully in the first story in which he appeared”.

The words of Bendis fit like a glove with one of the character introduced in Man of Steel, among the most discussed of the miniseries. We are talking about the foreman of the fire brigade Melody Moore, whose special relationship with Superman would have worried some fans, scared of a possible crisis of the marriage between the man of steel and Lois Lane.

But Bendis has also shown his satisfaction for “the interest that the readers are having in respect of the new villain and the new characters of the Daily Planet. All of this pushes the story forward, and makes us see different situations than in the past. Especially inside the Daily Planet - has closed - we are seeing things that, if you were inside of an editorial board, we would have interest to follow.”

In short, many irons in the fire there is a lot of really. All we can do is continue to read the new adventures of the Man of Steel written by Brian Michael Bendis, starting from Superman #1.

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