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Published on May 06, 2020


DC's Legends of Tomorrow were returned last week, after the long break forced by the health emergency caused by a Coronavirus that had disrupted the television schedules, with a very solid episode – our review HERE – that he had seen the Legends retrieve, not without difficulties, the last piece of the Frame of the Fates.

In the meantime, to Hell Ava was able to forge an important alliance, one with Astra that had confessed not to be the instigator of the last encore, which were placed on the walk of Legends. The sisters of Charlie, the other two Fates, Lachesis and Atropos, in fact, you were revealed as the true antagonist of the Legends themselves.

With the Frame now complete, and ready-to-use, starts this week's episode titled Ship Broken. The Waverider is a bit too crowded: there is Mick's daughter, Lita, Astra, Gary and his dog, and you will still be in a coma. When Charlie tries to use the Frame to bring it back to life Behard however, there will be an explosion of energy that will cause damage to the circuits of the ship.

While Sara wakes up blind but you will experience some of the brutal visions of the future, from the ship disappear in the three rings that represent the pieces of the Frame. Of course suspicion falls on the Astra, but we all seem to have played a part in the theft or sabotage of the ship.

It will obviously be the most unexpected of the passengers responsible for the small “mishap” that holds hostage the rest of the crew and get rid of it, it won't be easy.

The Ship Broken, the tenth episode of Season 5, is easily attributable to the circle of the episodes of step. A idea good but performed in a way that is anything but punctual, with an episode that is only sometimes enjoyable by drawing profusely from the atmosphere, which pay duty at the legendary Doctor Who, and the series has more tempted to do his with mixed results.

The villain of the week, in fact, takes a few minutes of too much presence and attention is not properly focused on him with, for example, the narrative of Mick and his daughter or the relationship between Zari and Astra – in contrast to who we should bring first-in-life-in-Behrad and the mother – that would distract the viewer.

The resolution then is sudden, perhaps a little too much, and roughly no particular connections with the narrative or with the antagonistic main now emerged but it is still necessary to delve into the reasons.

Not a true setback, but, as already said, a mere passing episode who's had enough in her to be so harmless as “useless”. There is to say that DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and all the Arrowverse, we have become accustomed to the episodes of the very worst, therefore, 45 minutes of bizarre fun between the Alien and the Doctor Who can not do evil.

With 4 episodes at the end of this Season 5, DC's Legends of Tomorrow can still afford this kind of episodes but it must not lose sight of the good work done from the point of view of the narrative so far, crafting one of the best seasons of the entire series.

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