DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5×09 – The Great British Fake Off | Review


Published on May 01, 2020


The return of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, last week, after the long forced break due to the alteration of schedules caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus, was very positive.

The latest episode of our review HERE – had confirmed definitively that the goal for the Legends it would have been to retrieve the pieces of the Frame of the Fates that Charlie, in one of the three sisters, had divided in various parts, but on whose tracks already, there were also, of course, the other two Fates.

The first fight with Atropos, the sister, the most belligerent of Charlie, had gone in favour of the Legends, but not without consequences: Behard, in fact, had been killed, leaving Zari to the totem.

In this ninth episode of the Season 5 entitled The Great British Fake Off, Charlie explains that he has disguised the pieces of the frame as the object, and scattered in various parts of time and space, entrusting her also to individuals decidedly “singular”.

It is the case of the piece that the Legends must track down now that Charlie confesses that it has entrusted to the Enchantress – and in a new embodiment with respect of course to that seen in the film the Suicide Squad.

Trace the piece in question is complicated precisely because it entrusted to a sorceress as powerful as the Sorceress, and, in fact, John Constantine and Zari are sucked into a strange mansion in 1910, where the other guests reveal themselves to all encore in search of the piece of the Frame.

Sara's fallen into a coma after the fight with Atropos, Ava decides to help them going to Hell and facing the Astra, which, however, proves not to be the mandate of the encore...

The Great British Fake Off, takes the best of what has been done in the last few episodes of this Season 5 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and is something that rarely, unfortunately, the other series of the Arrowverse have the courage to do that is to clearly show both the antagonistic major of the season is to embrace a narrative very “full-bodied” without getting lost in useless digressions.

Of course, there is also to say that DC's Legends of Tomorrow has perfected a formula, also with steps far from brilliant in the past seasons that allows you to fold the steps more comedic and/or romantic in a way that is as personal as it is effective without to lose the proverbial red thread of the narrative.

In the case of the episode this week that while using the aspects mentioned above do not abuse managing to achieve the two narrative strands in parallel, yet converging, using the entire cast of protagonists in a smart way.

It is always John Constantine – now the true star of the series – the driving force behind a plot, well-structured thanks to a use that is not granted the encore while the role of the Zari is legitimized with a few effective sequences, without burdening it all with a component drama marked, saw the mourning in the previous episode.

There is obviously still room for narrative strands as side to Sara that you are sure to find raison d'être in the next episodes.

With its linear and clarity of purpose, The Great British Fake Off is one of the episodes the best of this Season 5 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, raising expectations for the run of six episodes conclusive.

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