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Published on Feb 13, 2018


DC's Legends of Tomorrow was the first of the series of the Arrowverse to go on a break until the beginning of December and is the last to resume, in the new time slot of Monday evening, the american, replacing momentarily Supergirl, continuing up to the end of its third season up to the 18th episode.

The return of the Legends... it was much awaited since the mid-season finale – our review here – was concluded with the arrival of John Constantine – played always by the great Matt Ryan, who had given life to the character in the short TV cult series of the last year – ready to give a hand to the team against the threat of Mallus and Damien Darhk that are sowing anachronisms in the length and breadth in the time-space continuum.

This week's episode, titled Daddy Darhkest, capitalizes on up at the bottom of the presence of Constantine, with an episode from the tone distinctly horrorifico but also manages to collect the thread of some of the plots and sub-plots leave a little too “free” during the first season.

Constantine goes on the trail of Sara after an exorcism gone bad: the girl possessed, in fact, has made the name of the heroine. Arrived at the edge of the Waverider, the magician is confronted with the Legends which tell of the threat of Mallus: possible that the two incidents are connected? Constantine and Sarah, along with Leo and Zari, they decide to make a visit to the girl, discovering the true identity, however, not everything goes in the right direction coming catapulted in 1969.

Constantine warns Sara that her connection with Mallus could be dangerous – in the previous episode, Sara was finished briefly in the Afterlife – but it might also be the only hope for you to come back in 2018. Meanwhile, in 2017 the rest of the Legends is to the taken with the girl, discovering in them his true identity...

Daddy Darhkest is the best way to DC's Legends of Tomorrow, to resume his race. The horror atmosphere – with the more classic references to the Shining, The exorcist, and even Stranger Things! – offer a pleasant diversion compared to the classic locations of the series, while Matt Ryan towers wearing once, even in a more bawdy than usual, in the role of John Constantine.

The actor shows such as the addition of his character would not at all disfigured in the cast of the series by offering a good interaction with virtually all of the characters – including an extremely spicy with Sara – as you begin to outline finally, the contours of the textures so far too smoky.

The threat posed by Mallus and his followers for granted began to make more concrete the possibility that Sara could be exploited in some way by a demon, as the poet Constantine to Ray at the end of the episode, it makes it a little less predictable developments in the future.

Also continues the sub-plot of Kuasa and Amaya – here, too, excellent the idea of trying to bring Kuasa from the part of the good – and the one of Rip Hunter, that we learn he has escaped from the custody of the Time Bureau.

The pace of the episode is syncopated but still manages to give the right space to the two narrative strands the main entering some digressions on the history of the secondary. Also excellent are the solutions to the scenes from horror in terms of setting and movement of the machine.

John Constantine is definitely the gear in more than one episode, however, started solidly, it would surely have been interesting to see the character for the rest of this third season. Constantine, however, is not the only character that we salute with Daddy Darhkest also Captain Cold, in fact, decides to return to his earth, earth-X that of the crossover a few weeks ago.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow, has started its race towards the end of the season with a inertia more than positive!

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