DC – returns the Superman New 52?


Published on Jun 30, 2018


On his page facebook personnel, the current publisher of DC, Dan DiDio has revealed the cover of the first annual Sideways – series he co-scripted and born as a result of the Metal event, and published under the banner of The New Age of Heroes.

The cover art, signed by a very recognizable Andy Kubert, and features the hero, holder of the head in the company of Superman... with the look with which Grant Morrison introduced him, at the dawn of the New 52, on the historic Action Comics!



DiDio has confirmed that Morrison co-wrote the annual but, of course, did not provide further details. In view of the nature of the character of Sideways, with the ability to jump through time and space causing small fractures in the continuum, it is likely that one of these jumps will bring you to meet that particular version of Superman-who, remember, is technically dead right at the end of the New 52.

The annual currently does not have a release date and has not been confirmed if Kubert, you will also take care of the interior at the place of the owner Kenneth Rocafort.

The publication of Sideways has already been confirmed in Italy, for types RW and a Lion, in volume since the autumn.

What do you think of this return?

DC – returns the Superman New 52? is




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