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Published on May 05, 2018


The graphic novel titled Earth One (or Earth One) are stories outside the continuity of the official that rewrite the origins, and not only of some of the heroes most famous of the DC universe under a very different light.

For Diana Prince, Earth One means a completely new look for both its origins, the culture of Themyscira, and her role as an ambassador Rider in the world of men, which will be explored in the output volume, Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2. Let's hear what the authors say.

Grant Morrison: “we Wanted to give life to a version of Wonder Woman that was almost plausible, almost credible in reality. That is why the first volume was trying to tell what happens to a beautiful princess who is from an unknown island where there are better technologies, latest ideas, philosophies surprising: where everything is better. The very best of our culture.

As the world reacts to such a thing? The patriarchal system that is out of the Island Paradise, how do they react? The second volume is our The Empire Strikes back, which sees Diana become aware of the challenges the external world offers. What would happen to Wonder Woman if it were rooted in reality.

For me, the point of these stories is to return to the material narrative of William Marston and the bizarre ideas you had in it. He was a man of really interesting, with an interesting life and with ideas, rather peculiar. We want to make it with great earnestness the roots of Wonder Woman. And, at the same time, comment on them critically. If we introduce in the common thought of today, it is one of those beliefs from the psychology of the Thirties with their brought out of bondage and love relationships, multiple?”



Yanick Paquette: “These figures are revised and changed for generations and, although I like very much the Wonder Woman and the mainstream of today, much closer to the classic superhero, one of the sources was so bizarre and original that it is rather sad that today is... I do not say forgotten, but in some way considered to be incompatible with the present. So, we are trying to make it once again relevant. And it is a challenge worth accepting.

I love the work of research, then, every time the design of real places, step a lot of time on Google, “walking” on the streets or simply by a truckload of images. But, when the landscapes are fantasy, I feel, however, having to use something as an element of the basis of reference from which to extrapolate the identity of a culture. In the case of the Island, of its clothes and its technology, I wanted to keep something of the original inspiration to the ancient Greece, but I also thought to include elements of nature, of birds, of marine shells, of the same forms of women. It applies to everything: a palace, a handle, a weapon. Are inspired by the forms that the Riders see.”


G. M. “We are very far from the version of the Island Paradise that we saw in the film. I've loved it really, but what we are saying is that the Amazons have developed their own philosophy, their own way of communicating, a way of life, even in the age of mythology. This is ideal and at the same time, the threat they represent: they are the bearers of an alternative culture.”


G. M. “I Love the character of Hippolyta and his choice to take the genetic material of Hercules, his enemy, and make it a weapon in the hands of women. Took the monster for excellence, strength, masculine, definitive, and put it at the service of the female gender. Hercules is not the father of Wonder Woman, but only the genetic source of his birth, for the work of Hippolyta.

The second volume sees the comparison between Diana and Dr. Psycho, one of the enemies the old-school created by Marston, a monster hypnotic that our version keeps quite similar, but taking a cue from the masculinity toxic and exhibited in our times. In practice, our character is a mesmer of different character that has solid roots in the original.”

Y. P. “Is the perfect opponent for our Wonder Woman at this stage of its evolution, because it is not a physical threat. There is a battle and she won't see it coming. He does not suspect that a person is trying to exploit it, bending his will to their own purposes. With the structure of the tables, I tried to create a correlation between them. There is a battle between an elegant figure, feminine, inspired by the art nouveau and Dr. Psycho, who has an aesthetic more angular, more art deco. I don't know how many will take advantage, but... [laughs]”

Wonder Woman Eath One Vol. 2 Grant Morrison, Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn will be available in America this August.

Source: DC Comics

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