DC – Martian Manhunter: the new maxi-series in December


Published on Sep 13, 2018


After his triumphant return on the event pages Metal and its renewed role in the Justice League, Scott Snyder, DC has decided to grant a new adventure in solitaire the Martian Manhunter announcing a maxi-series of 12 numbers, written by Steve Orlando and drawn by Riley Rossmo, which will start in December in the USA.

Orlando said:

“For more than a year that I try to attract the attention of the DC to let me write the Martian Manhunter, is a project of the dreams that I had exposed them even San Diego Comic-con 2017. The Martian Manhunter has always been one of my favorite characters [...] now I have the opportunity to write this that will be a story ‘evergreen’ on the character [...] I do not believe there was currently a character that I wanted to write more.”


The maxi-series re-visiting the origins of the character but will also a detective story, J onn J onnz, in fact, will resume his alter-ego, civil, detective John Jones to solve a murder that may connect to the bizarre with his home planet.



Orlando continues:

“In the past, J'onn was too perfect. A cop perfect on Mars, where his family is dead but not his fault, then it has arrived on Earth and he continues to be perfect. [...] The goal of this story is to tell you why J'onn is so good and perfect, and his journey. [...] All the major characters make a journey, overcome their weaknesses, and J'onn the meet in any way here. [...] Be the Martian Manhunter gave him a second chance because the tragedy on Mars was first a tragedy in the family, his family – he has failed as a father and as a husband. Able here on Earth to be strong enough to avoid disasters similar? or is this just a mask he wears? The point is then to understand if the Martian Manhunter can be really the hero that inspires people or is it just the remains of a huge tragedy?”


DC – Martian Manhunter: the new maxi-series in December of




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