DC: in October crossover between Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark


Published on Jul 19, 2018


A few hours from the start of San Diego Comic con 2018, DC has announced a crossover that will involve, for the entire month of October that will be 5 weeks, Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman called WONDER WOMAN AND JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: THE WITCHING HOUR.

Just when Wonder Woman and the new Justice League Dark are starting to understand how to work together, they must face a threat that promises to rewrite the future of the heroes in “magical” in the DC universe.

To orchestrate the event will be James Tynion IV, assisted by a line-up of artists of the highest level: the event will unfold with a one-shot opening and closing, and, of course, on the pages of Wonder Woman, and Justice League Dark.

In WONDER WOMAN AND JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: THE WITCHING HOUR #1, Hecate, the goddess of magic, you must “activate” some human beings, such Witchmarked, in which he preserved the power of all the monsters that stole the abilities and give it the powers and Wonder Woman will be one of these!

In WONDER WOMAN #56, Diana will try to control these new powers while in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #4 Justice League Dark is to close with the aid of the Parliament of Trees.

In WONDER WOMAN #57 with Hecate in the advantage it will be up to Her to try to thwart Hecate with the final battle that will take place in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK AND WONDER WOMAN: THE WITCHING HOUR #1.

Here is the official list of the outputs with the creative teams, in which they also appear to Emanuela Lupacchino, and Riccardo Federici (who will sign a variant cover):

Here are some of the variant covers:


DC: in October crossover between Wonder Woman and the Justice League Dark is




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