DC: in June, closed Silencer and Naomi, part Leviathan


Published on Mar 16, 2019


DC has released, surprise, in the late evening of yesterday, the exits provided in June in the US with four important new features.

Let's start from the closures.

Will finish his course in June, Silencer with the #18, signed by Dan Abnett and V Ken Marion, who actually sanctions the end of the line, The New Age of Heroes of which currently remains open only in The Terrifics. An editorial line is definitely not thought out very well that has collected too little because of a word-of-mouth, especially on the part of the fans, not flattering even before the beginning of the publications.

Ends Naomi with the #6. The series, which Brian M. Bendis had described as the pivot of his line, Wonder Comics, will end its first season after just 6 numbers. Despite having already reassured the fans that the series will soon return in a large scheme of the series related to Young Justice, raises more of a concern this sudden closure.

Here are the covers:

Always Brian M. Bendis is the great protagonist of June, and with him the Superman.

Will start in fact the Event Leviathan – a series of six numbers drawn by Alex Maleev – who, the party on the pages of Action Comics, deflagrerà in this mini-series that will involve Superman and other heroes in a war field between the organizations of espionage and clandestine and not of the DC Universe.

On Action Comics 1007 all secret organizations and not of the DC Universe is being systematically dismantled, starting from the Kobra then the DEO... Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen will begin an undercover investigation that will bring them face-to-face with the organization Leviathan. But the Leviathan will prove to be not only an organisation but a person...

In the Event the Leviathan #1 will also be connected Action Comics #1012 always in output in June.

Here are the covers:

Bendis finally closes the circle of the plots started on the mini-series Man of Steel and starring Rogol Zaar with a mini-crossover between Superman and Supergirl that will see the cousins of steel clashing against Rogol, Zod and an army coming from the Phantom Zone.

The mini-event written by Bendis, Marc Andreyko and drawn by Ivan Reis and Kevin Maguire.

Here's the cover:

DC: in June, closed Silencer and Naomi, part Leviathan is




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