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Published on Jul 14, 2018


In Hawkman #1, Carter Hall has started an adventure that spans the cosmos DC while performing a search in the parts that are just discoveries of his past to prevent a threat of apocalyptic which looms on his future.

And while he tries, the writer of the series of the Hawkman, Robert Venditti, will reveal new pieces of the continuity of Hawkman in the post-Rebirth/post-Metal in the DC universe.

Part of the previous continuity of the character is still valid, as the role of ancient egyptian prince and his time spent in the Old West. But thanks to some unknowns that are introduced for the first time in Dark Nights: in Metal, there is more mystery behind the origin and the past of the hero.


For example, in Hawkman #1, Venditti and artist of the series, Bryan Hitch, have introduced a new turning point in the history of the reincarnations of Hawkman: his rebirth did not happen only on Earth, but I have seen living on other planets (in addition to being Katar Hol of Thanagar). One of the lives of Hawkman was spent on Krypton, where he was called Catar-Ol; the other on Rann, where he was Katarhul.

Hawkman #1 also revealed in Hawkman in the vision of a dark future and the apocalyptic that is connected to its source. Carter understands that it is the only one who can stop this threat in the future, but knows not how. And believes that to stop this threat is connected to his power of reincarnation. The search for answers, the character continues in Hawkman #2, July 11, while Carter discovers that there are still bread crumbs to follow. Newsarama spoke with Venditti to find out more.

Newsarama: Rob, in Hawkman #1 have you introduced a story to Carter Hall that included some surprises. Are you going to tell the stories of things such as Hawkman on Krypton and some of these others? Or did you just thrown out there ideas for other writers?”

Robert Venditti: “Both of these things are true. Some things are going to emerge in the immediate future, as in number #2, and some of them will be shown some numbers after. Others are at the bottom of the road. So it's a combination of all these things.”

N: “I Suppose you have a little ‘mapped’ the new story? And understand how can it develop in the present and in the future?”

RV: “Definitely. There are a lot of ideas and a lot of the background that will be introduced in what we're doing here. We are really excited about where we can bring this character, the things that can open up and the possibilities for the story that will come out.”

N: “Hawkman #1 was also the title character who lived a sort of prophetic vision. This vision is related in some way to the mysteries of his origin, right?”

RV: “Yes. What he discovered in the first number is a huge threat that is coming to destroy it and destroy the Earth. And yes, it refers to its source. But the problem is that it has been around so long and lived so many lives, that does not remember even what its origin. So now, it is in this adventure to discover the mystery and the clues he left for himself in time in order to understand what this threat is. And is racing against time because the threat is already coming and does not know how to stop it. And he does not know how it is connected to it.”

N: “only Know that is connected to it and is coming.”

RV: “that's Right. It's really going against the time, and this is an important part of what provides the momentum in the introduction to the series.”

N: “So, can you tell us how this fact lead the series? We have seen some advances for numbers upcoming, including a trip to Dinosaur Island, and a fight between Katar Hol and Carter Hall on Thanagar, which is quite amazing. Therefore, it seems that you're defining the new continuity, Hawkman step-by-step, by collecting clues about her past, and on this new threat just discovered.”

Venditti: “Exactly. Each number is a new step and a new discovery. And each one pushes him into a new position with another new discovery, just following this trail of crumbs that she left to him in time to stop this menace before he destroys everything.”

Nrama: “The story of Hawkman is also related to Hawkgirl, but has not really had a role in the first number. Will participate in the research as the series goes on?”

Venditti: “It will, yes. I mean, obviously, she is in other places of the DC universe in this moment. It is obviously in the new series of the Justice League, and there are many plans for you, that will be very exciting. And I encourage people to read them. But she is part of the history of Hawkman in the same way that Hawkman is a part of her. But I also think it is nice to be able to separate the two characters for a while and establish who they are as individual characters in the absence of one another before uniting them. Building up to that moment. Do it in a way that it will really impact and make them see who they are as individuals before who they are together.”

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