DC: Grant Morrison is the new writer of Green Lantern


Published on Jul 19, 2018


After months of rumors and rumor is that DC has confirmed that Grant Morrison will take over the reins of Green Lantern starting in November for a run of 12 numbers in which will be joined by the artist Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman).

The series will be titled simply The Green Lantern and will follow Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps, born in the era Rebirth, will close its run with the #50.

Were spread also in the first pages of the series:


Morrison has described the series as a police procedural, no storylines, apocalyptic, in fact in the first story arc, Hal will have to track down 3 dangerous criminals executed during a transport, and arrived on Earth:

The Green Lantern corps is essentially a police force intergalactic dota its members of rings that can make real to their own thoughts and will instead of guns.

The volcanic scottish author has also described Jordan as an astronaut who returns to Earth after so much time spent in space, unable to adapt again to the rhythms of life far away from the enterprises as a Green Lantern:

It is a solitary, a person adrift, a reactionary. It is nice to be able to return to its roots. Does not belong to the Earth, you know? Aspires to the space and always be Green Lantern. Hal is a good cop, but he is a good person? we will explore his relationships, and the fact that it is difficult to keep them on the Ground when you're a space cop. It also has other lives on other planets... we will adopt a different point of view on the things that we've never seen Hal.

Artist Liam Sharp has added that Hal is known to be a little creative with his constructs, and that you will explore this readiness of spirit that is often translated into fists giants and similar things of common use.

The new creative team has then expressed the love for the first avvenuture of Hal Jordan, and for their character in new and unpredictable. For this there will be new characters, new alien races, there will be the Guardians, but no other Lantern terrestrial or not. The narrative will focus on Hal Jordan, and on being a Green Lantern.

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