DC Comics: the new wave of cancellations and changes of creative teams!


Published on Feb 21, 2018


DC Comics has spread in the late evening of yesterday, the exits provided for may in the U.S. confirming the period of the profound changes that the editorial line will pass through during the summer, the first great impulse of the era, Rebirth, among other things, led from the landing of Brian M. Bendis on Superman and Action Comics and Scott Snyder on the Justice League with the weekly Justice League: No Justice.

Let's start with the cancellations, will close in may:

Absent instead the ads may Harley Quinn: it could be a month of pause in view of a possible change of frequency of the head.

All of the authors involved in the cancellations confirmed in an official way, or through their own social channels-mean that it is not of cancellations caused by poor sales, thus confirming the settlement in the house DC, and confirming also you have to be already working on new projects as to Peter J. Tomasi and Julie and Shawna Benson:

Although @shawnabenson and I are sad to say goodbye to the Birds of Prey, a new day is on the horizon...

— Julie Benson (@TheJulieBenson) February 20, 2018

Good Crikey, my Twitter account is exploding! Brothers and sisters, keep thinking good things! It is not being cancelled for bad sales. There are plans afoot I can't share at this early juncture but you will be happy with the results – Super Sons lives!

— Peter J. Tomasi (@PeterJTomasi) February 21, 2018

"It's with gratitude, and not grief, that today I tell you that BOMBSHELLS will be entering its final arc. It means so much for you to be here as we bring this saga to an end. I know one last time — Let's fly." –@EvilMarguerite

— DC (@DCComics) January 20, 2018

Not only cancellations but also the exchange of creative teams. The most important concern the two heads batmaniane: Detective Comics, and Nightwing.

On Detective Comics, it seems confirmed the departure of the great James Tynion IV with the #981 – is rumored in favour of Peter J. Tomasi – while Benjamin Percy – the great cycle on the Green Arrow - will take the reins of Nightwing with the #44.

Continues his stay on Wonder Woman veteran James Robinson while he reappeared in the house DC Andy Diggle. The English author, that he closed his relationship with the publishing house in a stormy in 2013, leaving unfinished a run on Action Comics, will write the annual #1 Green Lanterns.

Is not exempt from the upheavals of the line, The New Age of Heroes.

Jim Lee after launching in April Immortal Men gives the the head, by the #2 pencils will be Ryan Benjamin.

Challengers of the Unknown is confirmed as a mini-series of 6 numbers, Scott Snyder will be joined on the script by Aaron Gillespie.

Finally, some more details on just, the Justice League, No Justice.


At the end of Metal, 4 huge creatures being fed by the primordial forces of Mystery, Wonder, Wisdom, and Entropy are devouring one planet after another but once a direct-to-Colu, Brianiac-5 will ask for help to the heroes of the Earth!







DC Comics: the new wave of cancellations and changes of creative teams! is




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