DC Comics: the new label mature series for Hawkman and spin-off of Sandman?


Published on Mar 01, 2018


The huge success of Batman: White Knight, Dark Knight III: The Master Race, and Nightwing: the New World Order has demonstrated the strong public interest in titles with themes and content that is more adult starring DC Comics characters. So, while you are developing the series under the label DC Zoom, and DC Ink, respectively, targeting children up to 14 years and boys up to 20, we can expect a similar label, but with a target age higher.

And here intervenes, Bleeding Cool, which seems to be come this word: DC Black Label. Apparently, it could be announced, maybe this Saturday at the ECCC, a label R-Rated with the Elseworld that does not go to affect the continuity from the main DC series. The site expects that with the launch of the collection of Batman: White Knight, arrives to the announcement of the label and is rumored to already the name of one of the authors: Kelly Sue DeConnick. The author may be working on a history of Wonder Woman (although it certainly will be part of the project also Batman and Superman.

We're waiting for Saturday, the day which will be held in the ECCC.

Remaining in the climate of the ECCC, what else can we expect from the DC Comics?


The recent Metal event has brought to light an important old character: Hawkman, in all its incarnations. He was dedicated even a one-shot written by Jeff Lemire. Bleeding Cool had already talked about a future monthly series dedicated to him, but this time he pulls out the name of the author: Robert Venditti.

The author has re-launched X-O Manowar for Valiant, and has worked on Demon Knights, The Flash, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and is currently writing Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps and Damage. This remains only a rumor that we want to bring, look forward to Saturday, for a possible confirmation.


In the latter, we also report confirmation of a rumor nearly two years ago, reported the information of a line of spin-off dedicated to the world of the Sandman. There will be different series, each with an artistic team is different.

The rumor included two anthologies with a series that would have focused on a new House, similar to that of Secrets and Mysteries. And, for the authors, it would be strictly forbidden to enter Sandman, Morpheus or Daniel. The line may be entirely curated by Neil Gaiman himself.

Also for this announcement, we will have to wait for the ECCC. But among all, seems to be more certain.


DC Comics: the new label mature series for Hawkman and spin-off of Sandman? is




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