DC Comics: Snyder wants a crossover with the Avengers and Aaron's


Published on Feb 24, 2018


Continues the period of settling of DC Comics, as evidenced by the new wave of closures made of, from the outputs planned for may.

However, the climate seems to be extremely positive to the headquarters of the publishing house of the strong engagement of Brian M. Bendis and the landing of Scott Snyder to the help of the Justice League.

Your of Man of Steel, the miniseries which will debut on The Great One driving the heads supermaniane, have been revealed the 6 covers modular color drawn by Ivan Reis:

Get your first look at all six covers of @BRIANMBENDIS's MAN OF STEEL, drawn by Ivan Reis! #Action1000

— DC (@DCComics) January 23, 2018

The most “spicy” instead of exchanging messages via twitter between Scott Snyder and the neo-writer of Avengers Jason Aaron, the two, in fact they hope that they can put on a crossover between the Justice League and the Avengers reviving the glories of the great JLA/Avengers by Kurt Busiek and George Pérez.

Crazy excited for @jasonaaron on Avengers – going to be epic

— Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) February 20, 2018

Cheers, Scott. Maybe we need to work up a new Justice League vs. Avengers crossover.

— Jason Aaron (@jasonaaron) February 20, 2018

I would do that with you anytime brother! Huge congrats and good seeing this weekend.

— Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) February 20, 2018

Even more interesting is the “meddling” of the ex-And-i-C of Marvel, Alex Alonso, who “confirms” that the crossover would be working for a long time

So am I. We were building to this for quite a while. Hopefully I get comps. 😉

— axel alonso (@axelalonsomarv) February 20, 2018

For you, I'll hold the line at $2.99...

— Tom Brevoort (@TomBrevoort) February 20, 2018

It could be a simple token of esteem among colleagues, and a fun exchange of ideas between the readers and lovers of comic books, the fact is that the project would be really intriguing.

In the meantime, Peter J. Tomasi placates the fans of his series recently cancelled Super Sons – starring Robin/Damian Wayne and Superboy/Jon Kent – revealing that in may, will be a one-shot, 38 pages designed by Fernando Pasari, the crossover between the two sidekick and the Blue Falcon & Dino mutt, the characters of Hanna & Barbera:

Here's a little surprise to ease the temporary pain. It's coming out the fifth week in May but didn't make Previews (will be in the June issue of Previews). The Super-Sons/Dyno-Mutt Special #1. 38 pages of our boys knocking heads with Dyno-Mutt and Blue Falcon!

— Peter J. Tomasi (@PeterJTomasi) February 22, 2018

Thus, a new wave of crossover between characters from DC and Hanna & Barbera view of the first wave that has garnered praise from critics and the public?

DC Comics: Snyder wants a crossover with the Avengers and Aaron's is




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