DC Comics: Promethea by Alan Moore in continuity?


Published on Jan 20, 2018


Events editorial DC Comics of the last few months see, among the protagonists, and many of the characters created by Alan Moore.

In just a few weeks, the event Doomsday Clock is trying to merge with the Dc comics universe, where we also find the superheroes of the cornerstones of DC such as Superman and Batman.

This time is the turn of Promethea to appear within the narratives of the DC universe. Born from the pen of the aforementioned Moore and J. H. Williams III, Promethea appears on the cover of Justice League of America#23, drawn by Doug Mahnke, and chapter of the current story-arc of the series titled Queen of Fables where the JLA will have to deal with a creature capable of warping reality, and who wants to dominate both the real world and the imaginary.

Promethea was published under the auspices of the Wildstorm Comics, for the label created specifically for Alan Moore America's Best Comics. Promethea is not the only character of the deceased editorial line that the DC is trying to integrate in the core universe, The Terrifics, in fact, should appear in Tom Strong.

In the meantime, the designer J. H. Williams III has expressed his disappointment on twitter about the events: I Know, this is without affording me the dignity of hearing about it from proper channels. I've not brought this to Alan's attention, doubt he knew, until now. Besides that, I can't in good conscience condone this happening in any form at encl

— Beware, A Mad Wizard (@JHWilliamsIII) January 18, 2018

Justice League of America#23 will be released on the 24th of January in America.

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