DC Comics: Dan DiDio criticism veiled the Marvel


Published on Feb 18, 2018


Dan DiDio was interviewed by newsarama and has spoken exhaustively of the Rebirth, the event Metal and, above all, of the initiative, The New Age of Heroes by promoting the series that was co-written with Justin Jordan, Sideways, out this week in the USA.

The most interesting is surely related to the legacy of the characters and to the integration of the new characters.

We want to diversify our proposal in a way that is natural and organic, do not want to force changes in the characters that the readers love in a certain way. What we're doing with The New Age of Heroes is pushing harder hoping to fill those shortcomings of our editorial line without changing the characters. This is our goal

It seems that DiDio wants to pull a man even too shy to Marvel, and, in fact, notes the dose:

What I mean is that we have a series of characters that readers will understand it and appreciate it as well. The point is to grow and expand. We have not introduced new characters by quite a bit of time. And I think that is the right time to do so.

With Rebirth, we have restored the heart of these characters getting a great response from the fans. At this point we can't go back, again, and change things. It is a perfect opportunity to create new characters that can help us tell the stories of the current.

Our goal is to make these characters work and where they fit in the DCU and make it more diversified and inclusive.

What do you think of the considerations of the co-publisher?


DC Comics: Dan DiDio criticism veiled the Marvel of




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