DC Comics: confirmed the closure of the Superwoman, new changes of creative teams


Published on Oct 17, 2017


In the late evening of yesterday, DC Comics has been hailed as one of the outputs planned for January 2018 in the USA with which we learn some important news.

It starts with the second closing of the era Rebirth: Superwoman you lay off by the readers with the #18.

The closure had been rumoreggiata and will arrive in January, please note that the headboard is the third last to copies sold – coming in at around 13,000 to below her only the New Super-man and Blue Beetle with respectively 12,000 and 10,000 copies around, Blue Beetle is already in the air, closing as reported here.

We already reported during our coverage of New York Comic con, the news that starting in January the two Flash would have been involved in the Flash War story written by Joshua Williamson that would match The Flash Annual #1, and would be developed on The Flash #46 until #50.

With the synopsis of the Annual, we discover that the “clash” between Barry and Wally will begin when Wally returns to Keystone City to help Magenta.

Designer guest of exception for Nightwing. The #37 will be a number of flashback where Dick re-visiting a particular moment of his career, to Robin and to draw it will be the great Klaus Janson inked the historic Frank Miller The Dark Knight Returns and Daredevil.

After the clamorous exchange of the creative team for Harley Quinn, all of the details here, January 3 the change of creative teams for the same number of heads:


DC Comics: confirmed the closure of the Superwoman, new changes of creative teams is




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