DC Black Label: the horror fantasy "The Last God" by Johnson and Federici


Published on Jun 29, 2019


DC Comics has revealed another new series in the output for the label DC Black Label in October. Created by writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson, by the artist Riccardo Federici, from colorist Dean White and letterer Tom Napolitano, The Last God is a series of “dark high fantasy” of 12 numbers that will bring us in the new world of fantasy and epic” called Cain Anuun. DC has compared the series to the Dungeons & Dragons game, Throne of Swords, The Lord of the Rings and Magic: The Gathering:

Thirty years ago, a company of legendary adventurers that saved the world by killing the tyrant demon Mol Uhltep-The Last God. After his fall, the kingdom entered a new era of peace and prosperity. But a generation later, when he dies the leader of the brotherhood, the original, their children and successors learn their terrible lie:

He is still living.

A new generation of heroes must discover the secrets their parents held for them, and has committed to finish what had been started thirty years before. And, this time, must not fail.

Here's what Johnson said of the new series:

“This is a scary horror story told in an extraordinary world of epic fantasy. Set between two different generations, the story follows a powerful communion of heroes, who travel beyond the borders of creation to kill a god, and the next generation, which includes that their predecessors are not the heroes that the world believes that they are”.

And Federici has commented:

“When I was asked to draw this series I was so excited, because I love the fantasy genre, especially when there are connotations of horror, but also because it was an opportunity to graphically create a new world. Everyone in the team and DC have shown me such confidence and I am very grateful for that.”

Also Dan Didio chimed in:

“This series reinforces the commitment of DC to work with the best storyteller, as well as our commitment to find new and original stories to be published”.

The Last God #1 will be released on the 30th of October.

DC Black Label: the horror fantasy "The Last God" by Johnson and Federici is




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