DC: Bendis and Maleev working on the Leviathan


Published on Jan 26, 2019


This week ended in the US with the fifth issue of the miniseries Covers that had seen Brian M. Bendis, the current holder of the titles supermaniane, collaborating with artist Alex Maleev.

In the afterword of thanks of the comic, Bendis has confirmed to be working with Maleev in a new series titled Leviathan, of which you had mentioned already in one of the splash-pages that The Great One is by placing in its books of the series Action Comics.

Specifically, Bendis said:

“We have completed this new series with the fifth number. So Alex [Maleev – Ndt] has asked me to do something together for the DC. He always wanted to do something in DC with me. He always wanted to do Batman and other characters with me. We talked about it for years. So when I arrived at DC, we knew that we would have brought our series a creator-owned with us and that we could take that stone out of the shoe.

After I finished the Scarlet witch Volume 3 that is completely painted we have done with the same technique the story for Detective Comics #1000. Our first true story of Batman set in a register so important. We were very honored. And done and finished and it's beautiful. I am very excited to be a part of the register. Action Comics #1000 and Detective Comics #1000. A five for me!

After Detective #1000, Alex and I will embark on a high profile projects for DC. It's called Leviathan. Will hear about soon and so much. And’ something big, something monumental for the DC Universe, and it is absolutely having stopped our series a creator-owned for him. It is a very special story that will make Alex everything that he has always wanted for the DC. [...]”

As to the details of the series-event here is the splash-page cited just above:


The telegraph information that we can derive from the picture we say that everything will start on Action Comics 1007, when all the secret organizations and not of the DC Universe is being systematically dismantled, starting from the Kobra then the DEO...

Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen will begin an undercover investigation that will bring them face-to-face with the organization Leviathan. But the Leviathan will prove to be not only an organisation but a person...

Likely that Bendis draws liberally from the work carried out by Grant Morrison on Batman, and that resulted in the series Batman, Incorporated.

More details as they become available!


DC: Bendis and Maleev working on the Leviathan is




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