DC announces Batman by Marc Silvestri at the Meet the Publishers Panel


Published on Jul 19, 2018


Lee will be responsible for the next digital service DC the Universe DC, and is also the Chief Creative Office, while Dan continues to promote New Age of Heroes, and so on; then there have been some exciting new announcements on the line-up of autumn 2018.

DiDio and Lee have started confirming the price of the service; Lee has positioned DC Universe, in his words, not only as a place to see new video content to DC, but also as a “subscription business model” for their comics.

DiDio has mentioned once again that the platform DC Universe will regularly update the comics available. You have not provided more details on how this will work, but the move seems to meet the comics and to comic shops who might feel damaged by this policy with respect to what happens with Marvel Unlimited, which offers almost all the comics of the publisher before a certain date.

Lee discussed the new line YA of DC, with Ink-and-Zoom, stating that the product stemmed from the desire to “reach a new audience” that was not already typical of the publishing house. Everything, from the creation of the book to the covers up to the price, it is designed specifically for this new market. The editor has, therefore, announced today a second wave of titles in the lines Zoom and Ink.
DiDio discussed the line Black Label DC, the flip side of the previous two. This label focuses on the players mature in the wake of The Dark Knight Returns. The editor has shown a new trailer with the contents of this line-up, announcing titles “provocative” and “without censorship”. The trailer has a very Batman: Damned, ending with an image of artist Lee Bermejo, which shows Batman in a church, while watching the crucified body of the Joker.

DiDio and Lee have introduced the writer Brian Azzarello to talk about the new comic. Azzarello has said that the Damned were derived from conversations that Bermejo and DiDio and he had had after the publication of the Joker ten years ago. At a certain point had ideas for a series of stories “Jokerverse”, with Batman, who has difficulties in solving the mystery of the murder of the Joker. “You do not know who it was, but Constantine has,” said Azzarello.
Zatanna, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Etrigan, Spectre, and many other mystical characters with which Batman normally does not interact will appear in Damned. Batman: Damned will be released in September.

DiDio has called on to the stage, a fan DC, asking him to stand up to say what I thought of Batman #50, which reveals that Catwoman and Batman would not have married. The number has sparked controversy after the New York Times has revealed the turning point a few days before publication, sparking a debate on the expectations compared to the reality in the comics.

DiDio said that on the day that Batman is married, in his mind it will also be the day of the final story of Batman.

Lee then presented Marc Silvestri on the stage. Lee had spoken about him and the history of the Scots, resulting in an image that Silvestri had done for a story of anniversary of Batman. After Lee had seen the picture and he said to Silvestri had to do a history of Batman.
Silvestri spoke about his new comic book DC, a team-up between Batman and the Joker, saying that he would have made sure that Batman had never overcome the death of his parents. Silvestri said that the premise of his story is that someone is “rubbing” the Joker. They have taken something important to him, and Batman is forced to work together after that someone kidnaps Jim Gordon and begins to send parts of his body, on a semi-regular basis. Batman / The Joker: the Deadly Duo will have a length of about “7.5” numbers, according to Silvestri. As all the books of the Black Label, will be out of continuity.
DiDio stressed that DC is working hard to publish their comics on time, and the fans first questioned about Batman #50 she shouted, “Doomsday Clock!“, referring to the delay of that title. DiDio has confirmed his arrival, without specifying the time.

DiDio has mentioned the new changes to the line-up of DC, with G. Willow Wilson on Wonder Woman.

Kelly Sue DeConnick will write Aquaman. Lee spoke of the stories of DeConnick, saying that he will speak of the origins of the character and its formation, as well as the difficult relationship with the mother. At the beginning of his story, Aquaman wakes up on an island with amnesia, living among the other castaways, and the creatures of myth that have been driven away from the ocean. Aquaman must find a community and new forces in his new reality.
DiDio pointed out that this is not a reboot, but a way for fans to deepen the character.

DiDio then moved on to Green Lantern with the aim to bring Hal Jordan to the forefront of the saga of the Lanterns. He said he was shocked by the fact that in the course of 30 years of work for DC, Grant Morrison, the new writer of Green Lantern, had never written for Hal. Grant in the beginning he was reluctant, but he already had ideas for the character. Less than a month after their first conversation on the title, and DiDio had realised that the choice was right, but we needed to find a designer height: Liam Sharp, that DiDio then presented on the stage. Sharp said that he and Morrison had discussed working together for years, but never had the opportunity. Sharp and seemed destined to Hawkman and the Justice League with Scott Snyder, but as soon as DiDio said of Morrison, and the choice was made.

Sharp has discussed some of the crazy ideas that he and Grant had, including that of entities that are thousands of years to have a thought, but at the beginning of this story, one of them kills another, and Green Lantern must figure out who is the murderer. Sharp has said that there will be many Easter Egg for the old fans, including the aliens comics Green Lantern of the years ’50 and ’60 in the background of the various stories. Sharp has said that the story is a “consolidation” of the character of Jordan. The story sees Hal as a vagrant, was trapped between his mortal life on Earth and his desire to be in the space. They will also appear in “old friends”.

Lee had mentioned to the label, Vertigo, speaking of the new issues of the Sandman Universe that will take off this year, by Neil Gaiman.

Lee has also mentioned the new main line of Vertigo, characterized by the creators that normally you would not see on albi modern. The line is curated by Mark Doyle.

The panel concluded with a surprise: a representative of the Guinness Book of World Records took the stage to confirm that Action Comics, with 80 years of publication and over 1000 numbers, is now officially the “comic superhero-longest of all time . DiDio said that he wanted to receive the award on stage in this panel, because the award is not only for them, but for the fans who have allowed the head to remain in publication for so long.




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