DC – Adam Glass introduces Crush, the daughter of Lobo


Published on Mar 31, 2018


The character will debut in the number twenty of the Teen Titans, thanks to the change of the creative team that will be formed by Adam Glass (Supernatural) and Bernard Chang (Batman Beyond).

“In the real world, it would be too hard to believe that someone like Lobo, in the ’90s or in the early 2000's, you both got drunk in a bar in New Mexico, and he had an adventure one night, four or five times?” The new writer of Teen Titans, Adam Glass, said to Syfy at WonderCon. “[Laughs] And he had a child out there he knew nothing about. So we created this character named Crush, who is a 15 year old girl who does not know his father, does not want to know his father. He has read everything there is to know about his father, he knows what to say out on him, so if it ever were to meet, she would cut the head and would use it as an ashtray. An apple never falls too far from the tree.”

“For me, the Crush has been created for my daughter, then Crush is a girl angry, is one from fight club,” added Glass. “He says things as they are and doesn't care. There is no politically correct, taking with her, a hammer, and I think that will be really fun for the DCU. She grew up in a foster family, then does not know his mother or his father. Then, the mother is also shrouded in mystery.”

The daughter follows in the footsteps of his father, he is now a member of the Justice League after the events of Justice League: No Justice.

To create the design of the character was Jorge Jimenéz, who took his inspiration from the same Lobe. In fact, does not differ very much, thus showing a young “Punk” accompanied by a chain.

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DC – Adam Glass introduces Crush, the daughter of Lobe is




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