Davide Astori will remain a player of Fifa 18 the agreement between the Florentine and the team Fifa


Published on Mar 26, 2018


ASTORI will REMAIN A PLAYER OF FIFA 18-The death of David Hawks, the captain of the Florentine, found dead in his hotel room a few hours from the start of the match, Fiorentina has shocked the whole world of football but not only. The solidarity was really great, because of the death of a boy is always shocking, both to the mode of being of the edge of the box, a man respected by all and a great football player at national and international level. Since the beginning, this tragic event has had an impact on the world of sport, both emotional and practical with the postponement of the 27 th day, to the detriment of the few games that are already played out on Saturday. As A result of this, many of the doubts in the world of fantasy football (even though logically secondary to the event itself) , with fantagazzetta that left the the freedom to choose between the six political or the expectation of the leave postponed to April.

In addition to the world of fantasy football, decisions to be made in the world of video games, which, logically, have been engaged in identifying the right choice vis-à-vis the player and his family. As A result of contacts between the Team of Fifa and the leadership of the Florentine, it was decided that Davide Astori will remain officially a player of Fifa 18. In practical terms, the american company has reduced the price range maximum for the purchase of the paper of the captain of the Florentine edge of the box and has removed the same from the random draw of the packages FUT. This because, following a tragic event, the player's card that had a value of 81/100 sufficient value to the status of a gold card and usually it was sold at 1000 credits of the game, had acquired a value approximately 10 times the previous one i.e. 10,000 credits, through real online auctions.


“The Community of Fifa, we were shocked, as the entire world of football, for the untimely death of Davide Astori.After consultation with the Florentine in the days following the death of David, we decided to take the following actions to make sure to honor the best of her memory:

– At the request of the club, Davide Astori will continue to be part of the pink current Fiorentina in Fifa.
– Objects Fut Davide Astori will be removed from the packages.
– The price range maximum for the objects Fut davide Astori will be reduced.

I take the opportunity to renew our sincere condolences to the family of david, the Florentine and to his fans.The Team of Fifa”.

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