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Published on Jun 22, 2019


Roberto Recchioni brings to life one of his characters, the most successful, placing it in a historical moment, which is contemporary, full of contradictions, dystopias, and the “bad guys” to power. The subtitle of this new miniseries dedicated to David Murphy is, in fact, “Make America Great Again“, and that is the election slogan of the President of the United States Donald Trump.

The goal of David Murphy is in fact cross the barrier that the occupant of the White House is trying to erect on the border between Mexico and the United States. A situation that calls into question the reality and that will bring the action hero created by Recchioni to be arrested by the Border Police, and to confront his past.

Why David Murphy is considered to be from the same country, a terrorist. But the most original of the character is the awareness of being an action hero with a past made up of movies, tv shows, literature and comic books that enrich the baggage. David Murphy knows that the post-modernism and the quotations are from his hand, and even in the most difficult situations there are twists and plots that allow him to get out even from the most difficult situation.

This first issue of the new miniseries dedicated to David Murphy does is put together two elements: the post-modernism that is so dear to Roberto Recchioni, and a placement in a larger size that the current character comics are going away a little bit from the publishing scene.

The writer Recchioni is able once again to restore the lymph to one of his creations (as he did with Peter, the Battle for the Cosmos). The idea of putting David Murphy in this present historic fact of the many problems and situations to the limit is an interesting element, and that surely will have many cues to the character and the readers.

To give life to the graphics, to David Murphy is Pierluigi Minotti, which is approaching the touch of a few american comics more experimental projects such as the award-winning series Marvel hawkeye drawn by David Aja.

The colors of Mattia Iacono damage instead of vitality and are able to make more expressive characters and situations of the comic strip. The screenplay by Recchioni is, as usual, very rhythmic and smooth.

In short, it promises to be a miniseries very interesting and at the height of the past author Roberto Recchioni, the author who manages to put her touch in every production to which he sets his hand (including the editorial care of Dylan Dog, which is working from many years).

In these times in which the level of narrative productions comics and the serial, it is rather raised, the idea to revive the stories of an action hero who refers to the characters of the past that have made the history of Cinema the Eighties (Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone all) is intriguing and suggestive.

And who knows, maybe the comparison between David Murphy and the United States current it leads him to a face-to-face with the same Donald Trump. However, many authors, after the election of the Trump in 2016, prospecting a future narrative for their creations to be very stimulating.

Certainly, the album of David Murphy proposed by Panini Comics, has a coarse foliation (we are talking about just 24 pages), but the quality of the tapped is excellent, and has sheets robust and that make it stand out, the designs and the coloring of the comic.

So all that remains is to wait for the next album of David Murphy who, we are sure, will live up to expectations.

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