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Published on Aug 23, 2017


Frank Miller has always been a author of the provocative, and his positions have often aroused heated controversies. In these times grams of politically correct all-pervasive, Frank has been accentuated by his attitude over the top, focusing on Islam, identified as Evil, as opposed to the good, symbolized by the American Way of Life. Already with Holy Terror was understood as the thought and this is confirmed with the much-discussed third installment of the Dark Knight, the saga of the future of Batman in the eighties, made him enter into the elite of authors of comics.

In this chapter, an aged Batman, with help from Superman, the Flash, Carrie Kelly and other superheroes, has to contend with the invasion of the people of Kandor, well known to the readers of the Man of Steel. Their attitudes, however, are similar to those of the terrorists, the islamists who wish to impose their faith to others and are ready even to die for their cause. It does not shy away from addressing also the issue of foreign fighters, represented by the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman that passes by the side of the enemy.

In this register, the situation becomes more dramatic and the important role it takes on Wonder Woman. Dark Knight III The Master Race is, in fact, a series of the choir, not only focused on the figure of Bruce Wayne. Miller to play with the DCU, having fun propose versions of the future of Flash and the other characters the results are interesting. It is not a work that can be placed at the same level of his other works, of the past, but is still intriguing.

In addition, also comes from a personal event. The serious illness that struck Frank years ago (now, it seems, is the best), he was driven to fight. Regardless of what you may think, Dark Knight III, is the attempt to react to the prospect of death. In this sense, it is significant that a sentence Flash pronunciation in this episode: ‘death is not The thing toward which we run. It is the thing to go away.’ I think that there is the essential key to the reading of the work of Miller and Azzarello that attends to the texts.

The drawings are by the great Andy Kubert that, thanks to the inks of Klaus Janson, a longtime collaborator of Frank, tries to get closer in a personal way in the style milleriano, creating tables of great visual impact. As with previous issues, is included in a register of a smaller part of the Dark Night, the Universe Presents in which Frank explores different aspects of the world dystopian he imagined. This time recalls of Detective Comics, the famous comic-book Bat Man.

Miller writes and draws a story that sees as protagonists the commissioner Yindel and the terrible Bruno, the former leader of the Mutants, now in the employ of the Joker. The texts have a setting that is hard-boiled and the graphics part is embellished by the usual style of twisted, has made his fortune, although it is less disruptive than one might expect. But, as I wrote, you should keep in mind the circumstances in which the Dark Knight III was born and it was a great result for the same Miller find the strength needed to use the pencils.

Overall, the Race Supreme in any case it remains a comic book to read because you signed up to be a brave man who is not afraid to expose himself, and does not arise the problem of expressing opinions that, due to circumstances, are destined to divide the audience.

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