Published on Oct 28, 2015
What would you like to see?
What should not miss in the second season of the Devil?
I have asked our page on Facebook ‘The night of the Devil’ and I found so much adrenaline and anticipation. Referring to the page all can't wait to see Elektra and Punisher.
Some would like the death of Karen (or Elektra, your choice) at the end of the season with the introduction of Bullseye.
Bullseye, who is there that would not want to see it?!? But I think that we should wait a bit.
Matthew dreams of a final season with the arrival of Typhoid Mary, it would be wonderful.
Denilson and Lorenzo wish that approfondissero a good story on the Gladiator, and I do not hide it, but if you manage somehow to put Betsy would make me crazy totally.
Emanuele wants to Stil Man, even if does not seem appropriate given the tone of the series.
But almost everyone wants action, action and action, between Matt, Elektra, Frank, and Stick. My dreams? What I would like to see? What must I have?
Definitely want the love between Matt and Elektra (via flashback).
The Hand? I have a lot of fear to see a ninja twirl on the roofs in New York city in 2016.
I just want to see who Elektra will see. The lover? The assassin? The ninja?
I can't wait to live a little folly him that is Frank Castle. I am very curious.
I'm not a avid fan of the Bullseye, and will surely come in the third season, even if the idea of Marika, to make it tick to the end of the season while killing one of the women Matt excites me enough.
Well, what can I say, I want action. I want to love. A little bit of the past. Stick. Foggy in trouble.
A good product as the first season. The next diavolacci!

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