Published on May 05, 2016

Finished the cycle with a glorious Waid, on the ship of the Devil come Charles Soule and Ron Garney.
Not a very simple task seen the past and seen the other great heads but I can assure you that for me it is a great product. Truly amazing.
Sincerely I didn't expect so and I'm pleasantly surprised.

When I opened the first pages; the thugs, the bridge and the sky I immediately felt the smell of Miller.
The first cycle of this new team, which you can read about Daredevil #1 (that will arrive on the 12th of May, until #5, which according to my calculations it will arrive in Italy in September, will be called ‘Chinatown’. Will be set of course in Chinatown and I can tell you that it makes pretty good with the Devil, with his themes, colors, and noises.

There will be a Blindspot!
Yes, the new shoulder that Daredevil will train. No, it will not be a kind of Robin, rest assured.
And a character that we will see for the first time in Marvel Point One, that in Italy will arrive on the 12 of may, in ‘The all-New Marvel – the Prologue’ and I suggest you to buy it. Also if will be only 6 pages on the Blindspot you will understand much about his costume and his life from outside the eu without a passport.

The first big villain that we will see will be Tenfingers. And you will love it very much.
And’ a holy man, a fool and people believe him, worship him. Soule wanted to explore a crime lord that had the goal of being a crime lord as a primary interest. Everything he does is done for a higher good, and so is justifiable. Can steal or kill, it does not matter, it will be the same for a savior.
You will not see only him, but also some nice enemy from the past...

Considering that it is a question that cannot or will not sleep at night, I will start by telling you that Soule, does not tell us immediately, as did Murdock to have the secret identity. He wants us to do a “slow cooking” so said. We will always give you small clues. However, it's been eight months between Secret Wars and this number, then something will have happened. But the solution, to my way of seeing things, it is much more simple than it seems and is in front of our eyes... Just understand and read Secret Wars.
But anyway it will be a very interesting question that we will read number after number.

Well, enough? I think of you.
See you on the 12th of may.
The next diavolacci!


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