Published on May 26, 2016

Six months have passed from the beginning of the new run written by Charles Soule and drawn by Ron Garney and between appreciation and criticism, two months ago has finished the first round Chinatown with good results and a new villain, Diecidita. We have known Samuel Chung, Blindspot, the new sidekick of Daredevil that gave us a lot of news. This month, we completed the mini with Elektra, that will take part, together with the annual August (see Echo) and the next two numbers, another cycle called Supersonic.

Charles Soule is carrying on his shoulders a heavy legacy, the four years of Waid, you will begin to feel and the audience is divided in half. Everyone appreciates the designs of Garney and Buffagni (in the last two) also thanks to the colors of Matt Milla, which has a table quite interesting, but some have found the work of Soule with the Devil not to the levels of Mark Waid, with Daredevil and he made a truckload of awards.
Let us remember that Waid's arrival on the pages of the Devil after the bad Release, and after years and years of ‘darkness’. The tone, pop, colored, “light” and vintage helped a lot, also thanks to the designs of Rivera and Martin before and Samnee after. We wanted a freshen up and the dear Waid had found really brilliant.
Making comparisons is impossible and unfair to so many elements, more than that is too soon.
Now Soule, (attorney in fact) must arrange and patch up weird situations, created with the Secret Wars, but as you can see from the early numbers up to the number of this month there is a thread that unites everything and gives us more details for us to perceive and understand what has happened to our Matt after San Francisco.

In August will the new cycle with the return of Garney, will be called The Dark Art and it seems to be something amazing and naughty, words of Soule (and return of an old villain). And we'll be here. We'll see.

I personally am really enjoying, I read these first six numbers, and I was involved in the story, I am fond of the new characters and I also enjoyed the change of ‘direction’ given by Soule (could not continue to Waid, it is not his style, and rightly so). We say that is a Daredevil darker, a return to thematic gloomy, with traits that remind us of Miller, Romita Jr. and it is definitely very also suitable for the fans of the tv series but without distorting the character.

The next diavolacci!


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